Minbar dream meaning

(arb. Pulpit | Sermon) A pulpit in a dream represents the Imam, the spiritual guide and commander of all the Muslims who also represents God’s Messenger (uwbp) on earth. A minbar in a dream also represents a blessed abode in the hereafter, and an exalted station through which God’s Name is glorified. Standing one a pulpit and delivering a poised sermon in a dream means attaining an honorable station. If one does not qualify for such a position, then it means that he will acquire good fame. If a ruler or a governor is forced to come down from the pulpit in a dream, it means loss of his status, or it could mean his death. If one is seen standing on a pulpit and if he does not speak or deliver a sermon, or if what he says denotes evil in the dream, it means that he will be unjustly executed, or it could mean that God Almighty will protect him against such injustice. The pulpit in a dream also means rulership and subduing one’s enemy. Rising on a pulpit in a dream also could mean a betrothal or proposing a marriage. Otherwise, it could mean a scandal. If a ruler stands on a pulpit in a dream, it represents the continuity of his reign. Standing on a pulpit with one’s hands tied in a dream means carrying out an execution which is brought about by one’s own crimes.

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