Moon dream meaning

To see the moon in brilliant clearness: for a wife means love and good health, for a husband symbolizes increase in wealth. See the new moon, means advancement in business. In its decline, the illness of some great person. See the moon as a halo around the head, pardon and deliverance through intervention of a female. If moon is color of red, then it means voyage, journey. Dull and obscure moon denotes unfortunate or illness of wife, mother, sister or daughter loss of money, or peril on a journey (particularly if it is by sea), brain fever, and disease of your eyes. When obscure moon was seen in a dream and becoming bright, then it denotes profit if the dreamer is a woman, if a man, joy and happiness. From clearness to pass to obscurity means loss to a woman, sadness and misfortune to a man. See two moons, increase in dignity and rank is possible. For a beautiful woman to see in a dream the moon at its full, predicts to her a high standing in fashion and in public admiration. To thieves, felons and murders means that their just will be rewarded. To invalids and mariners, danger of sickness or shipwreck. For a young girl or widow to see the moon full and its face of a dazzling brightness, indicates a quick marriage. If the dreamer is a married woman, then the birth of a beautiful daughter. To a married man – the birth of a son. To jewelers, goldsmiths and bankers this dream is best omen of all.

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