Omar dream meaning

(The commander of the believers, Omar bin Al-Khattab, may God be pleased with him.) Seeing him in a dream means longevity, trustworthiness and praise- worthy deeds. One who sees him in a dream will speak the truth, be just and call people to the straight path. He also may be able to attend to the Sacred House in Mecca in an auxiliary pilgrimage (.’Umrah). If one shakes hands with Omar bin Al-Khattab in a dream, it means that he will prosper and live a pious life, and he will be a vigilant and a strong believer, the value of whose deeds will surpass his fame. If one sees him frowning in a dream, it means that Omar is calling for justice, commanding what is good and forbidding what is evil. If there is a drought in a town and one sees Omar in a dream, it means that rain will fall and be a blessing for that land. If there is tyranny in that land and one sees Omar in his dream, it means that justice will prevail. If Omar hits someone with a stick, or warns him, or threatens him in a dream, it means that one must renounce the course of his current actions or deviation from God’s path, or perhaps that someone in authority or a scholar will persecute him. If one sees himself being Omar in a dream, or if he wears one of his garments in a dream, it means that he will be awarded honor, a dignified status, or die as a martyr. If one sees Omar smiling in a dream, it means that he follows the correct precepts of God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace, and emulates his practices. Seeing him in a dream also means that justice and truth will prevail in his time, or that he is a trustworthy person, or that the propagation of truth is prominent in his time. Seeing him in a dream also could mean signing a peace treaty with one’s enemy, annihilating hatred with love, good luck with one’s in-laws, renouncing one’s attachment to worldly things, though being capable of winning it, or presiding over people with justice, love and compassion.

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