PHANTASTIC DREAMS – Dream VI: A STORM dream meaning

I have, over and over again in my dreams, visited a certain district when the weather has been fine; but the other night I was there during a storm, and the experience, though interesting, was not too agreeable. I was in a hut on a wide, vast desert traversed by a broad river, and bounded by a long chain of mountains on the one side, and on the other by a forest of pines. On my arrival all was hushed and still; the air soft and sweet; the sky clear and blue; typical in every respect of an ideal summer day. The change was brought about in a totally unprecedented manner. The blue of the heavens was suddenly metamorphosed into a vivid violet, and the wind from the mountain tops, shrieking and roaring like ten million devils across the plain, converted the hitherto placid waters of the rivers into raging rapids; and then, tearing past my hut with the thunder of hell, hurled every tree in the forest to the ground. The effect of the sky was now apparent in everything; the whole landscape — mountains, river, and sands, and even the prostrate forest — shone with a violet glow. So far the rain had held off, but presently a huge hand was thrust out of the sky and shaken menacingly, whereupon a great fissure opened, and a whole sea of bubbling, violet water descended with such terrific force that the earth gave way beneath it; and amidst an inferno of sand, rafters, and water I was borne down, down, till all became suffused in the blackness of hell — and I lost consciousness. On recovery, I was standing knee -deep in an ocean of violet water that seethed and hissed on all sides of me. From time to time the dull glow around me was transformed into a lurid sheet of violet fire by the lightning, whilst the sky heaved up and down in the most terrifying manner as it volleyed forth peal after peal of demoniacal thunder. And amidst all this titanic uproar a long slender hand arose out of the water, and, turning slowly round, clenched and unclenched its white, tapering fingers three times, and then sank out of sight. Instantly the wind, and the thunder, and the hissing and seething of the waters ceased; the lake at my feet disappeared; the trees and hut sprang up; the sky shone and all was once again as before the storm. And thus the dream ended.In this dream, which ended happily, the violet signified success appertaining to the arts; and the storm, followed by a general reparation of all the mischief it had done, portended a quarrel, which, although serious at the time, would have no lasting result. It was soon verified in the case of a very near and dear friend of mine. Success in a special branch of his work led to a violent quarrel, and this quarrel, contrary to both his and my expectations, being eventually bridged over, the former friendship was re-established, and, so far, has continued without another interruption.

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