Plum dream meaning

In a dream, plums in season represent health and welfare. Otherwise, out of season, plums represent distress and difficulties. However, everybody draws benefits from seeing a plum tree in a dream. If one sees himself eating a sweet and ripened plum in a dream, it means that he will satisfy his pleasures, passions, and wantonness. If it tastes sour in the dream, then it represents his fear. A plum tree in a dream also represents a rich person, or a spendthrift who is also dangerous but courageous when facing adversities, and who may become wealthy early in his life though he may die young. Eating plum out of season in a dream means suffering from a severe illness. Plucking a plum from its tree in a dream means seizing money from a dying person. Plums in a dream also represent the glad tidings of recovering what is lost if they are good, and a warningrn about what is evil should it happen again. A plum in a dream also represents a good brother, or a good looking and a respectable companion. The same interpretation applies for all types of berries. (Also see Tree)

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