RAMS dream meaning

Rams in dreams denote quarrels of a more violent nature than do sheep. For example, I remember, when I was a boy, prior to a quarrel (which ended in a fight) with a schoolfellow, dreaming I was attacked in a field by a big black ram with red eyes, that chased me persistently over hedges and ditches, and through water, and when, in some miraculous fashion, I took to the air, it sprang up after me, never desisting from its fierce butting still I was reduced to a hopeless state of jelly, when I was permitted to awake. In after years, before quarrelling with a venomous attorney, I dreamed I was fishing in a weir, when a grey ram, catching me unawares, butted me in the back and precipitated me head first into the water, where I found myself attacked on all sides by slimy, yellow snakes.

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