Shoes dream meaning

To dream of the shoes represent the dreamer’s view to life generally. The dream indicates how much grounded the one is feeling. To change the shoes for a different ones means that the one is changing some part of his life. To forget the shoes means that the one leaves the old times in the past or finding it hard to deal with it. To dream of wearing old shoes, means that the dreamer is very conservative person, who holds to his old ideas. Alternatively, the old shoes signify the acceptance of who you are. The new shoes symbolizes new ideas, new look into life. If the shoes do not fit, then it means that you are in the situation which you not supposed to be in, maybe there is something you feel uncomfortable about, therefore the shoes do not fit. To wear no shoes, means that there is a lack of self –esteem. To lose the shoes means that you are in search of who you are. The shoes of the kids or babies, symbolizes purity and innocence. If you already have kids it shows the very strong between you and your children.

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