STAGS dream meaning

Stags in dreams indicate a change in one’s life, as, for instance, prior to deciding to migrate as a farmer to Canada, a bank clerk dreamed he was walking through a park, when a beautifully marked stag came bounding up, to him, and lifting him up with its antlers, in such a manner as to cause him no inconvenience, whirled him away o’er bank and brae, till it finally arrived on the margin of a silvery sea, where it turned into a yacht and swiftly sailed away.Another stag-dream someone told me was to the effect that a man, before changing from a parson to an actor, dreamed a white stag appeared by his bedside, and, picking him up in its mouth, sank through the floor into a cabbage-field, where it engaged in a deadly combat with another stag, and, after running the latter through with its horns, was advancing furiously upon the dreamer, when he awoke.

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