THE DEAF AND DUMB dream meaning

What is my most common dream? A man who was born deaf and dumb wrote, in answer to my question, “Why! I cannot say offhand, but I believe the dream I am trying to catch a train and cannot make any of the railway officials understand me. I can’t say I dream it before any very unusual occurrence, though it is often prior to some slight domestic bother. Yes! I dream of falling, not flying, drowning, picking up money, and many of the other things you mention, and they have precisely the same significance. I dream, too, I can speak with my mouth, and that, usually, before an illness, such as a severe cold or sickness. I think my most alarming dream is when ‘I fancy I am blind, the agony I endure is, then, something frightful, and I awake crying bitterly. I have had this dream before hearing of a death.”

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