THE INSANE dream meaning

Mad people, I fancy, often dream of the subject of their mania. One madman, I was told, who believed he was a teapot, used constantly to dream that he was pouring out tea, and when anything prevented the tea flowing he would, on awaking, conclude it was a bad omen, and declare he was going to be ill; which prediction not infrequently came true. Another madman used often to tumble out of bed with a loud bump, and, on being questioned about it by his keeper, would say: “I can’t help it; I’m a plum, and when I dream I am ripe I am bound to fall. “This same man declared that whenever he dreamed he was eaten, something bad would always happen to him next day.I once heard of a mad woman who believed she was John the Baptist, and said that, whenever she dreamed she was in the wilderness and the figs were too green to eat, she heard bad news of her friends and relatives. As far as I can gather, insane people often have dreams similar to those of the sane, and, in some instances at all events, they are followed by similar results.

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