Time, Clock dream meaning

Time or clock in a dream symbolizes the rhythm and the course of our lives. To see a stopped clock in a dream is an omen that our evolution has finished or that the clock’s owner doesn’t have any more hope, our lifetime has run out of time. If it’s a delayed clock it warns us to accelerate our pace of work, if we do not want to see ourselves overtaken by events. If the clock delays it, then it indicates that we should take things more calmly if we do not want to risk our health and our lives. If the hands turn madly or we dream we constantly look at the clock, then it reveals our anxiety about the pace of life we lead. If it works well and the time it tells catches our attention the dream’s meaning depends on the context and the marked time. For example: If we believe it’s all over for us and we see the clock ticking noon, it tells us that a new stage begins full of opportunities because we have a lot of life ahead.

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