Train dream meaning

The train in a dream symbolizes the flow with the others. You are the dreamer who does things just like everybody else does. The dream, in which you are going on a trip with a train, denotes to the right direction of the life you chosen. Needless to say, that the train is also associated with the romantic feelings such as love and affection, that is why it is important to look who was sitting next to you in a train. If you missed the train, then it signifies the chances you missed and opportunities you were given. Perhaps only now you realized what you have missed and feel sorry for yourself. To dream that the train was wrecked, foretells about the confusion of your mind and unstable status you are in at the moment. On the other hand, the train wreckage could symbolize your fear to start changing your life. If you were the engineer of the train, then it symbolizes the right path you have chosen and able to fix it if something goes wrong.

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