TRAVELLING dream meaning

To dream of travelling by sea signifies unexpected news, an invitation, and a visit from a stranger. To dream of travelling by land portends minor worries and losses.Who has not dreamed that they have been rushing to the railway station — that they have missed their train, or that they have got into the wrong train, which proved to be a non-stop to goodness knows where? Or that they have got into the train without a ticket, or without their friends, or without their luggage; or that they have seen their friends go sailing away in the wrong train, and they themselves stranded in some strangely unfamiliar and impossible place? Indeed, everything goes wrong in travelling in dreamland, and when we awake with our brain in a swirl, we are for the moment conscious only that we are lost, and that we will never see our home and relatives again. I have gone through all this frightful waste of vital energy, and so have most people. Again, who has not travelled in a ship that, instead of going where she is intended, sulkily decides to go to the bottom, proceeding to do so in the most peremptory and blood-curdling fashion ? And here, let me add, that to dream of shipwreck signifies danger from accidents on land, usually minor and trivial; whereas to dream of railway disaster means danger from water as well as from other sources.

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