…(King | The Fourth heaven | Planet) In a dream, the sun represents a great king, the vice-regent, a father, a prince, a commander, gold, or a beautiful woman. If one sees himself turned into a sun in a dream, it means that he may receive a dominion that will stretch as far as the radiance one sees in his dream. If one sees himself holding the sun in a dream, it means that he will gain strength and wealth that will come about through someone in the government. If one receives the sun hanging as a necklace in a dream, it means that he will win a seat in the senate. If he goes near the sun or sits inside it in a dream, it means that he will acquire power, wealth and support. Should he qualify, the stretch of his power will extend between the two horizons…

…Dreaming of oneself during a beautiful sunrise, when the sun starts to come out in the horizon, is a good dream that announces future success, wealth and prosperity. Dreaming of the sun at the zenith implies that we’re really close to the finish line regarding our goals, and that we only need to protect what’s already accomplished. Dreaming of the sun during a beautiful sunset announces prosperity and loose life, provided which we take care of our own behavior. Dreaming that the sun shines through the clouds implies that troubles which are about to come won’t disturb us and we’ll finally be able to solve them. Dreaming of the sun obscured by storming clouds announces serious problems in the immediate future. The sun in dreams implies that you’re a thoughtful person with a clear vision in everything you take on, which will produce success. Besides, dreaming of the sun

…To dream that the sun blinds you, foretells that you will be overwhelmed with good fortune: to see a beautiful bright sun is a sign of success in anything you will undertake: a red sun denotes mishaps and accidents: if the sun becomes dim and smoky, it foreshadows struggle disappointments. To dream of seeing the sun rise brings good news and luck; the setting sun, misfortune. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 2, 10, 20….

To see the sun means discovery of secrets and the management of business. To have seen it with sore eyes means cure. When in prison, liberty. To see the sun rising is an omen of good news, prosperity. Setting sun symbolizes longing and sadness. If a woman is the dreamer, that could mean birth of a son. The sun obscure, red, surrounded by a halo, indicates obstacles, minor illness of the child, personal danger. The dream suggests to look after your health better. However, it is a happy omen for people who have enemies, or who, for some reason, keep themselves isolated.

To dream of seeing the sun rise, brings good news and luck; the setting sun, misfortune; if its disc be dim, personal danger; with brilliant face, glory and fame; a red sun, misfortune. The conjunction of the sun and moon, portends a great war.

Symbolizes energy, light, heat, life, irradiation, and brightness, that is to say, everything that is good. Dream with a rising sun indicates the beginning of an increased happiness and prosperity. If the sun is clear and splendorous, then it announces abundance, success, prosperity, health, inner energy and physical and mental abilities. An obscured sun or black represents a grave danger for life, business and happiness. The hidden sun through the clouds reveals sadness, concerns and fear.

…Dreaming of seeing a clear, shining sunrise, foretells joyous events and prosperity, which give delightful promises. To see the sun at noontide, denotes the maturity of ambitions and signals unbounded satisfaction. To see the sunset, is prognostic of joys and wealth passing their zenith, and warns you to care for your interests with renewed vigilance. A sun shining through clouds, denotes that troubles and difficulties are losing hold on you, and prosperity is nearing you. If the sun appears weird, or in an eclipse, there will be stormy and dangerous times, but these will eventually pass, leaving your business and domestic affairs in better forms than before….

Dreaming of the rising sun heralds the beginning of an era of well-being. If we see a lot of light it indicates prosperity and good health. If we the sun coming out without much lighting, covered by clouds and darkness it indicates that there will be problems and difficulties or maybe our fear of an unknown future.

…before the sun in a dream means that the chief minister will rise against his master. If the moon disap- pears in the skies in a dream, it means that one’s business has come to a halt, or that something he has asked for will not materialize, whether it be good or evil. If the moon reappears in the dream, it means that one will receive what he is seeking, and again, whether it is good or bad for him. Seeing a bright and a radiant moon in the skies in a dream means justice and prosperity. Seeing the moon inside one’s house in a dream means that a guest or a traveller will soon arrive. Seeing the moon laying on the ground in a dream means the death of one’s mother. Walking on the moon in a dream means endearment and love for one’s mother. The sun and the…

If you dreamed of the sun, then it symbolizes the joy, tranquility, peace, healthiness and overall happiness. The sun is the symbol of vitality and life, especially if it was shinning in a dream.

Bright, discovery of secrets; clouded, bad news; rising, success; setting, losses; eclipse of the sun, a sudden loss. See Eclipse.

A bright sun gladdens the poor but makes the rich sad.

Splendorous: good omen, long life, health, happiness and prosperity. A dawn: beautiful hopes and new horizons that will be presented. Sunset: sadness, longing for the past, melancholy and a slight disappointment. Dull sun and low radiant: heartbreak, betrayal, false friends.

The sun is very good omen in dreams, because it signifies the choices the dreamer has made. If the dreamer sees the sunrise, then such dream foretells about something new, the fresh start or beginning of the new phase. The sunset is usually interpreted as the end. It could be the end of your sickness or the end of one phase. You are ready to start your new life, because what happened in the past is no longer important.

…To dream of the sun portends success in business and distinction in work….

Damage by fire. 89.

Quiet and happy life. 8.

Misfortune and tribulation. 195.

War and hard times. 48.

Explanation about obscure affairs.

Receiving vain promises.

(See Adobe)

Being afflicted with eye-sickness.

Loss of many friends, being put in a bad light by malicious persons. 204.

Near misfortune. 47.

Dangerous sickness. 6.

Happy news. 60.

A bad omen, hindrance in business affairs. 296.

Homely welfare, plain food.

Luck in undertakings, increase of property, getting into an office.

For persons afflicted with eye-sickness, convalescence; for prisoners, freedom; for others, good news. 50.

…(Lunar eclipse | Solar eclipse) Seeing a solar eclipse in a dream means that a calamity will befall the leader of a country, while a lunar eclipse represents a calamity that will befall the prime minister. It is also said that a solar eclipse in a dream signifies the death of one’s wife or his mother. If a cloud covers the light of the sun in a dream, it means that a sickness will befall the leader of the country or the governor of the land. If one sees the sun moving above the clouds but cannot come from under it in a dream, it means his death. The sun in a dream also may represent a great scholar. A cloud covering the sunlight in a dream means the fall of an unjust ruler. (Also see Moon | Sun)…

The dream about clouds that are clearing in order to show the sun, denotes to clearing emotions of the dreamer. The dream, in which the sun clouds are hiding the sun, represents the ending of you’re the good times. When you see yourself flying in the clouds, then such dream indicates the freedom. Perhaps you wish to escape the every day’s responsibilities and become free. If you see the clouds that are particularly shaped, then such dream represents your imagination and creativity. Consider what kind of shape the clouds were. If the clouds are bright, then it shows minor issues you will have to deal with. The dark and stormy clouds indicate some problem that makes you worry a lot. The dark clouds could also represent the aggression and anger of the dreamer.

…The griffon in dreams is the symbol of something special. Everything that the dreamer has his best is presented in the griffon. All of the talents and great abilities are shown in the object of griffon. The griffin or griffon is the creature that is made of lion and eagle, therefore the characteristics these animals have are forwarded to the dreamer. The dreamer is strong and able to handle any situation he is going to get in. The dreamer is strong not only physically, but mentally either. The griffon as the symbol could also be associated with the symbol of the sun. Sun is something where all of the life is coming from. Otherwise, the sun can burn you, therefore the griffon can be interpreted as a very good omen and a bad omen. Perhaps the dream suggests you to use your abilities in a smart way, otherwise you…

…(Changes | Cover | Shelter) Witnessing a shade in the summertime in a dream means comfort, profits, honor, or becoming the protege of a great person. If one sees a shade in the winter in a dream then it means trouble, distress, adversities, or soliciting the company of people who foster innovation. Shade in a dream also represents the governor of one’s town, a man of knowledge, a pious person, an ascetic, or a religious student on the path. Seeking refuge in the shade away from the heat of the sun in a dream means comfort, profits, or escaping from harm. As for a woman, shade in her dream represents her husband. If an unmarried woman sees herself seeking the shade in a dream, it means her marriage and that she will marry a rich and a powerful person. If one finds it cold to sit in the shade…

…the earnestness with which he pleaded, flung him on the floor, and would have stabbed him, had not the room suddenly become pitch dark, and a loud and hollow voice uttered these words: “Fool! Thou hast murdered thine own soul! Know thy hell!” Something then struck me heavily on the forehead, I lost consciousness, and on recovering, found myself in a huge kitchen garden.A spade was in my hand, and I was digging for potatoes. The sun was so tremendously hot; my back and arms ached cruelly; and I was desperately thirsty. “Curse it!” I said to myself. “I have had enough of it! The old lady may go without her dinner for all I care! I am not going to wear myself to pieces and get sunstroke for her!’ Then I dashed my spade to the ground, and, looking round, espied a pool of clear water. Revelling in the…

…body draw me back, and I entered into it, and experienced again the sensation of the sleeper returning to the living world.Then I dreamed I awoke, and lay in bed striving, in vain, to recall my own answer to that question of fire. It had slipped so readily from my lips, and it had slipped with equal readiness from my brain. I could only repeat, again and again, the meaningless question, “Art thou going to the ZONE ARTO? ”The sun was high and hot. I dreamed I rose leisurely, and, led by an invisible agency, made my way to the coffee-room of an adjacent restaurant. Sitting there was a man who, from his appearance, might have been an Italian of doubtful class, possibly one of the anarchists of whom Europe at that moment stood in dread. His companion was a girl, with dark hair and blue eyes, tall and beautifully…

…then if he sees such a dream, it means that his sorrow will be dispelled. White clouds in a dream are a sign of work, a job or business. Rising fog in a dream means taking a journey, or returning from one. Red clouds in a dream means lack of work. A gloomy cloud in a dream means stress. If one sees clouds welcoming him in a dream, it means glad tidings. If he is an evil person, it means a calamity and a chastisement for his sins. If one sees clouds covering the sun in a dream, it means that the ruler of that land is ill. If one sees himself wearing a shirt of clouds in a dream, it means blessings that God Almighty has favored him with. Clouds in a dream also represent virtues, miracles, favors, rains, love and blessings, because they also appear when a prophet…

In this dream, the dream itself is very important as sensations are taken from it. If we walk through the forest and we feel safe, it shows that we own ourselves, we enjoy good judgment. If we get lost in the woods and feel fear, if there is a roar or threatening beasts appear and if silence is grim, then in all of these cases, it means we still do not own ourselves. But if we see the sun shine and if the light of the sun allows us to see where we walk, it is a sign for us that it is coming the end and understanding of our inner fears. We are ready to overcome them at the end.

…(Atmospheric) Cold temperature in a dream means poverty. A windy and cold weather in a dream means aggravation of one’s poverty. If it is sunny and cold, and if ones sees himself sitting in the sun, then the condition of his poverty will be removed. If one sees himself in a dream under the heat of the sun and seeks refuge away from it in the shade, it means that his stress and sadness will dissipate. If he sees that dream during the summertime, it means prosperity. If one sees himself seeking a fire or a smoke to warm himself with it in a dream means that one is seeking a job that entails danger. If it is burning coal which he seeks for warmth in the dream, then it means that he will swindle money from an orphan. Cold weather in winter is insignificant and in the summer…