…The dream, in which you see the file cabinet, symbolizes the necessity to start organizing things the way they supposed to be taken care of. The file cabinet could also represent the secrets one is hiding deep down inside himself. There is also a possibility that the file cabinet represents box of treasures such as wishes the dreamer is willing to fulfill. The dream could also symbolize the past of the dreamer and the memories he is keeping, therefore the file cabinet is interpreted as the box of memories. Consider if the box was opened, because it was opened, then such dream shows your desire to share the memories, secrets and wishes with those around you. If the file cabinet was closed, then it shows that you are not ready to share your dreams, memories or wishes with those you are surrounded by. The file cabinet could also show…

…(Rasp | Tongue) A file in a dream represents one’s tongue. It also means satisfying an innate need or giving a keen edge to an expression. It also represents a helper, a son who provides for the need of his mother or younger brothers and sisters. A file in a dream also represents demands, obligations, or sexual intercourse….

A job done with a file is an omen that you will achieve success thanks to your perseverance.

…To see a letter-file in your dreams, is significant of important news, which will cause you an irksome journey. For a woman, this dream implies distressful news and unfaithful friends….

…Dreaming that you see a file, signifies that you will transact some business which will prove unsatisfactory in the extreme. To see files, to store away bills and other important papers, foretells animated discussions over subjects which bear relation to significant affairs, and which will cause you much unrest and disquiet. Unfavorable predictions for the future are also implied in this dream….

Discussions because of an inheritance.

The dream is a warning that there is a need for perseverance and patience. If we are dealing with an issue and we want it to end soon then we better be calm.

Trouble with the administrative and judicial order.

If you have a dream about the files, then such dream represents the different stages and phases of your waking life and how you are coping with them.

…as I beat and prodded it against the jagged edges of my teeth. But all to no purpose; my head remained full and my stomach empty.”A whole lifetime seemed to pass in this tantalising, agonising manner, and then into the room, in Indian file, stalked all my friends and relations, each carrying in their hands a champagne glass. My uncle, who had been dead and buried at the very least thirty years, headed the procession. Walking solemnly up to me, he took hold of my nose, twisted it round like a tap, and down through my foaming mouth poured the whiskey. As soon as his glass was full he raised it above his head, and exclaimed in a sepulchral voice, ‘ Health! Health! Health!’ to which all the company in chorus responded ‘ Amen! Amen! Amen!’ One after another my relatives and friends followed his example, and twisted my nose…

To dream that you are going to file a complaint indicates upcoming difficulties that will affect your emotions and finances negatively.

…children.Another case, in which the mouse-dream foretold illness, is that of a lady who dreamed that she was at a dance one night, and as she was about to commence waltzing a mouse suddenly leaped from off her partner’s head on to her own, and bit her on the ear in the most vicious manner. She awoke smarting with the pain and, a few days later, was laid up with a severe attack of influenza. The dream had been so vivid that she could not help remembering it, and associating it in some way with her sickness.And to quote a case in which the mice-dream foretold death, a lady I once met dreamed that, on going to bed one night, she saw a succession of mice, in Indian file, run across her dressing-table; and on the following morning, she heard one of her brothers had been drowned at sea….

(See File)