Usually dreams about frogs symbolize the dreamer’s ability to adapt in various situations or change the behavior if it’s needed. The frog could also symbolize something disgusting and unclean. If you see the frogs that are leaping, then such dream shows the insecurities the dreamer has and things or people he is unable to take responsibility for. There is also a possibility that you are the person who is unable to be stable. Perhaps you are jumping from one thing to another or from one person to another. The frog could also show that you have made a decision for something very important and big. Perhaps you are ready to take the first step. If you caught the frog, then you should start looking after yourself. To hear the frogs quacking denotes to people who will make you feel disappointed and frustrated.

The frog shows that you tend to move one very fast while jumping through big problems. To make the progress you have to take step by step, otherwise you will make big mistakes in your life.