Bad times, vexation.

Sickness, perhaps death. 219.

…In a dream, plums in season represent health and welfare. Otherwise, out of season, plums represent distress and difficulties. However, everybody draws benefits from seeing a plum tree in a dream. If one sees himself eating a sweet and ripened plum in a dream, it means that he will satisfy his pleasures, passions, and wantonness. If it tastes sour in the dream, then it represents his fear. A plum tree in a dream also represents a rich person, or a spendthrift who is also dangerous but courageous when facing adversities, and who may become wealthy early in his life though he may die young. Eating plum out of season in a dream means suffering from a severe illness. Plucking a plum from its tree in a dream means seizing money from a dying person. Plums in a dream also represent the glad tidings of recovering what is lost if…

The damson tree in dreams is interpreted as the symbol of wholeness and prosperity, but only if it had fruits growing on it. If you see yourself taking the plums from the tree and eating, them then it signifies the grief and frustration you are going to have. The dream indicates the dark period in your life.