…(Escape | Fear | Take flight) Running away from something in a dream means turning to God Almighty and seeking refuge in Him for safety and protection. Running away in a dream also could meanreceivingan appointment, or it could mean repentance from a sin, or it could mean one’s death. If one sees himself running away to escape from an enemy he fears in a dream, it means that he will be safe. If a man of knowledge or a scholar sees himself running away from an enemy in fear in a dream, it means that he will be asked to sit as a judge, or to govern. If one sees himself running away but has no fear in the dream, it means his death. (Also see Escape from danger | Take a flight)…

Realization of one’s wishes, becoming happy. 288….

…Dreaming of running in company with others, is a sign that you will participate in some festivity, and you will find that your affairs are growing towards fortune. If you stumble or fall, you will lose property and reputation. Running alone, indicates that you will outstrip your friends in the race for wealth, and you will occupy a higher place in social life. If you run from danger, you will be threatened with losses, and you will despair of adjusting matters agreeably. To see others thus running, you will be oppressed by the threatened downfall of friends. To see stock running, warns you to be careful in making new trades or undertaking new tasks….

Usually planes are dreamed by those who are about to have some vacation. The plane could also indicate your desire to escape your life and be free from all of the responsibilities and duties. The plane is also known as the symbol of your smooth work that gets done very quickly. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning of plane crash.

Dreaming of running in the company of friends or competitors is a sign of struggle for self-improvement. Dreaming of running alone indicates self-sufficiency to achieve everything you want. Dreaming of running to escape from dangers hints the proximity of dangers and problems but they will be resolved eventually. Dreaming that competitors in the race are fleeing, hints to not take risks in matters or businesses that are unsafe or unknown.

…The plane crash in dreams is an indicator of your broken dreams and hopes. The dream might also represent some situation in which you are feeling totally out of control. Maybe some things are not going according to plan, therefore you are dreaming about such thing as plane crash and you feel you do not know what to do about it….

When you dream that you are running from someone, then it shows how you are trying to escape a certain situation or person. If you managed to run away from whatever you were running from, then you will be able to escape the things you don’t like. If you tried to run away, but couldn’t do so, then you will suffer from your enemies. If you try to run away, but cannot move your legs, you feel trapped in some situation or relationships and have no idea how to escape it.

To dream you are running a race, is a token of good, if you see anybody running hastily along, it is a sign of their death soon afterwards.

The dream in which you see yourself running late shows that you have too much things going on in your life. You should remove the extra work or responsibilities, otherwise you will get even more stressful. The dream shows that you are unable to relax even during your sleep. Sometimes running late may indicate your fear of someone in your waking life.

Dreaming of planes in flight suggests future success in all the affairs that you handle. Dreaming of a plane that it’s not moving, and worse if it appears broken, torn or falling to the ground, indicates future failures that can be dangerous for the dreamer.

…Dreaming that you use a plane, denotes that your liberality and successful efforts will be highly commended. To see carpenters using their planes, denotes that you will progress smoothly in your undertakings. Dreaming of seeing planes, denotes congeniality and even success. A love of the real, and not the false, is portended by this dream….

If we beat other competitors, it promises material benefits and personal success. If our competitor in our race is an animal, it means victory, but we have to see the meaning of the animal to know about what we win. If we see a person is running, then it indicates unknown events. If it is about several people, then it represents disputes and quarrels. If they are armed, it announces insurrections, riots or wars.

Running signifies pursuit and much vexation.

Dreaming of planes is a premonition of changes in your life. You must be very careful as there are risks of things going wrong.

You will be forced to make important decisions.

Loss, sorrow.

Sickness and sadness.

Great affliction, trouble at home.

Increase of wealth, riches. 33.

Getting into danger by carelessness.

Denotes death.

To dream of them is a very good omen.

Loss of property or honour. 4.

Hindrances in life. 278.

Discovering theft. 40.

Working and trouble without success. 135.

If you run within dreams, it means your efforts will be rewarded. Unexpected news from far away. If other people are, it means contradictions and adverse feelings.

Approach of misfortune.

Poor success in business. 58.

Hope for better times.

…It is by no means uncommon to dream of the dead, and as a rule such dreams are of little or no significance. There are, however, exceptions, as, for example, dreams which are extraordinarily vivid and in which the dead appear with some specific purpose; and in these cases I fancy projections take place, and the immaterial body of the sleeper meets the phantasm of the dead on the super physical plane.For the following illustration of this kind of dream I am again indebted to News from theInvisible World. The events in the story, I am about to quote, happened about seventy years ago in the south of Scotland.”Mr. Reid, of Bowland, a gentleman of landed property in the Vale of Gala, was prosecuted for a very considerable sum, the accumulated arrears of tithes, for which he was said to be indebted to a noble family, the lay proprietors.”Mr….

Freud and his followers attribute a marked male sexual symbolism to the plane that involves sexual arousal and desire of a loving relationship. But other interpretations indicate that dream of a plane reveals our rapid rise desires, to reach a higher social level, professional or spiritual. But joined to this ambition there is also the fear that our aspirations are utopian, because if the plane crashes, it will lead us into a catastrophe.

…pursuing adultery and avoiding a lawful marriage. If one sees himself attempting painstakingly to catch a whale in a small pond in a dream, it means money that he will fight for, though he cannot get hold of it without having to cross major obstacles. If one finds a pearl or two in the belly of a fish in a dream, it means that he will marry a rich woman and conceives one or two sons with her. If he finds a ring in the belly of the fish in a dream, it means that he will gain authority and might. Finding fat in the belly of a fish in a dream means acquiring money from a woman. Seeing oneself fishing on a dry land means committing adultery, a sin, or it could mean hearing good news. Catching a fish with excessive bones and scales denotes the necessity to pay…

…turmoil, speed, and darkness; I could feel a thousand objects brush against me, hear the jarring echoes and vibrations of a thousand voices, and then — in one brief instant — all had changed. It was light, a peculiar phosphorous glow pervaded everything, and I found myself in a new plane sitting astride a gigantic beetle with all the trees in the forest running after me. I say “running,” for they all had legs, long and spidery legs, and arms too, whilst their stature having considerably decreased, their proportions differed little from that of tall human beings. As they ran they all laughed, a deep mechanical “Ha, ha, ha!” and raising their hands above their heads, they waved them menacingly at me. But the beetle bore me gallantly on, and, despite the desperate efforts the trees made to overtake us, we still maintained our lead. We had progressed a considerable…

…water is colorless and sweet tasting. If one sees himself as the owner of a stream, a spring, or a watercourse which he establishes as a charity in a dream, it means that he will become a leader, a president, or happily serve his community. If one cleans a rivulet then finds it filthy again, or finds it filled with trash in his dream, it represents diarrhea. If he sees water flowing under his feet in a dream, then it means dropsy. If one sees a stream of water running through a town where people are filling their jars, drinking its water and thanking God for His blessings in a dream, it means that a calamity is removed and is replaced with peace, safety and tranquility. If the people are inflicted with adversities or a drought, then it means prosperity and rains, food, or money and their merchandise will not…

The dream in which you are piloting the plane shows how you are managing your life. If the flight goes smoothly and you have no difficulties while controlling the plane, you are comfortable and confident person. If you suffer some turbulence or have no idea what to do as a pilot, you will have minor disappointments or struggles in your waking life.

…represent stinginess and avariciousness. In a dream, any kind of maple or other trees that renew their leaves annually represent poverty, richness, memorizing things, forgetfulness, celebrations, or sadness. In a dream, any kind of large trees that do not shed their leaves in the winter represent longevity, richness, jealousy, or steadfastness in one’s religion. Climbing a tree in a dream means escaping from danger, or carefully avoiding something worrisome. Seeing an unknown tree inside one’s house in a dream means that fire may consume such a house, or that a fight may break the family apart. Common types of trees and city trees in a dream represent enemies, or men seeking lawful earnings. Planting a seedling in a dream means getting married to a girl from a renowned family and gaining rank. A plane tree, a sycamore, or the like trees in a dream represent great, strong and famous men…

…The dream about the car crash denotes to your attitude, life and targets that clashed with another’s. The dream might also indicate the staggering proficiency you will have. On the other hand, the car crash could also indicate your tendency to drive without any care. Perhaps the unconscious mind of yours is telling you to slow it down. If you saw the plane crash, then such dream shows the unreal expectations you have from yourself. Perhaps you made very high goals for yourself which is impossible to achieve. On the other hand, the dream shows the lack of confidence you are suffering from. Perhaps you do not believe in yourself and think you are unable to get what you want. Try to believe more in yourself and do whatever you want to do, otherwise you will get nothing from life. To get more information about the crash dream meaning,…

The fishing is interpreted as the good dream in those cases when you catch something good. If you didn’t catch anything, then it shows disappointments.

Could meet a subtle thief or face treason by a near relative. Fight or kill one, capture or catch of a thief. Eat the flesh of one, will catch the thief. Have the skin of the cat off, will get back riches which the dreamer has lost or even receive more of those great goods. See a cat lying down and asleep means partial success. See one furious and leaping upon you, attack from thieves or liars. Scratches made by a cat, illness and affliction for those who are receiving them.