…In a dream, a turtle represents a woman who likes to adorn herself and to make herself noticeable to please men. A turtle in a dream is also interpreted as a man of knowledge, or a chief justice, because she is most knowledgeable and God fearing amongst the sea creatures. In a dream, a turtle therefor could represent a devout worshipper who reads the scrolls of God’s prophet Abraham, upon whom be peace, or any of the holy scriptures. Seeing a pet turtle in a house or a town in a dream means that the people of knowledge in that locality are well respected. Seeing a turtle living in a dump, then it represents a knowledgeable person living in the midst of ignorant people who care little about learning anything from him. Eating a turtle in a dream means profits, benefits, or money. If one sees a turtle inside…

To dream about the turtle have various meanings. The turtle is the symbol of long life and stability. Sometimes the turtle could indicate the slow progression you are making while doing something. The turtle is also a symbol of patience the dreamer has. Sometimes turtles could indicate the lack of privacy and freedom the one is suffering from or simply the fact that wants to protect himself/herself with its shelter.

When you are dreaming about turtles, then it signifies that our affairs are moving very slowly, but something unexpected will speed them up and will be producing benefits. When you are dreaming of eating a turtle stew, then it represents the fact that you will engage in intrigues between competitors. However, you will not suffer any of the damage. Although in the East dream interpretation the turtle is given a cosmological symbolism of extraordinary wealth and is elevated to sacred animal. Among Western people the turtles symbolize longevity and protection for their long life and their ability to fall back within itself, hiding from all the dangers.

…Dreaming of seeing turtles, signifies that an unusual incident will cause you enjoyment, and improve your business conditions. To drink turtle soup, denotes that you will find pleasure in compromising intrigue….

The one who sees turtles in his dream is going to make the stabile results, because of the slowness of the turtles. Perhaps the things that are done slowly always bring the better results, than those that are done quickly, because of the sureness of the steady progress. The turtles could also show the protection and security the dreamer is looking for or wants to hide from the outside world. Consider what makes you feel insecure and try to solve those issues.

Secret enemies. To eat them small success merited through long tiredness.

…To dream of turtles is a sign of long life: an engaged young lady who dreams of these animals will probably marry according to her wishes, and live with her husband until they become an old couple; but her husband will be one of the slow and easy kind. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 67, 49, 5….

Fidelity, good housekeeping, and if the dreamer is not married will get married soon.

Having a secret joy.

Delays and vexations in business. To eat, adjustment of affairs.

The turtles are the symbols of long life and great health. Because it is not a very common animal, the dream is not very often either, so if the one has such a dream, it means that very unusual situations will come into your life, but not necessarily bad ones. Maybe you will find some of the qualities within yourself.

Attaining one’s object after a long trouble….

Unfruitful businesses, long and cumbersome procedures, laziness and stubbornness.

…To dream of wolves signifies some great impending trouble, often financial, sometimes domestic, as, for instance, divorce or separation.A man once told me that, prior to the discovery of his wife’s faithlessness, he dreamed he saw her riding on the back of a huge grey wolf, whilst a white wolf, which she was patting affectionately, trotted by her side. And again, shortly before losing his entire fortune, a man told me he had dreamed a pack of black wolves rushed across his garden, howling in the most hideous manner conceivable, and snapping and tearing at everything that came in their way.Another man informed me that, just before his daughter ran away from home, he dreamed a big grey wolf leaped into his room and tried to eat him….

The doves are the symbols of affection, tranquility and freedom. If you dream about doves that are white, then your life will be fulfilled with love and calmness. If you hear turtle doves, then it is a sign of something new that will be heard. The flock of doves means that you will have a great meeting with someone from your past. If doves are cooing, you will be renewed with the old love of yours.