If you dreamed of being in a space, then such dream indicates how open minded you are and able to be on your own without others help. On the other hand, the dream could warn you about the fact that you are not grounded enough and being out of space.

(See Deserted | Emptiness)

…(Sated | Saturation | To eat one’s fill) In a dream, to eat one’s fill means fidgety or restlessness. If one sees himself satiated with food and could not eat any more in a dream, it means changing of his condition, losing rank, losing business, or his death. This interpretation is applicable unless one finds in his dream extra space to fill with food, then the dream means that his lot in this world will equal the size of that remaining space. Eating to one’s fill in a dream also represents working for one’s livelihood or recovering extra money. Some interpreters convey that hunger in a dream is better than satiation, while to drink extra water in a dream is better than thirst….

…guided me to a path, and, after setting me in my course, left me to pursue my way as best I could. Plunging irresolutely into the gloom, I followed the winding of the path with considerable uneasiness, fearing to tread lest I should be precipitated into some abyss, and momentarily anticipating the appearance of the strange and uncouth race of people, previous experience had told me inhabited the wood. On and on I went, my fears increasing with the gloom, which, at last, became so impenetrable that I was compelled to halt. I could see nothing, nothing but the faint glimmer of tree trunks; for the rest, all was blackness. I was then suddenly whisked off my feet by a body that shot precipitately between my legs, and, with the wind howling like ten thousand demons through my ears, I was borne through space. For a long period all was…

If you dream of seeing a square, then such dream shows that you need more space to express yourself. Maybe someone has made a boundaries for you therefore you feel closed in a box. The square as a good omen represents your ability to put things right, exactly where they supposed to be.

In a dream, it means an armored, or a reinforced concrete storage space.

The dream about the cage is interpreted as the symbol of the trap. Perhaps you feel the lack of space, you need your privacy and independency, but your relationships, job or friends doesn’t let you be who you wish to be. The bird in the cage could indicate the happy marriage. If you buy the cage in a dream, then it means some stability is coming in your life.

…Dreaming of the ghost of either one of your parents, denotes that you are exposed to danger, and you should be careful in forming partnerships with strangers. To see the ghost of a dead friend, foretells that you will make a long journey with an unpleasant companion, and suffer disappointments. For a ghost to speak to you, you will be decoyed into the hands of enemies. For a woman, this is a prognostication of widowhood and deception. To see an angel or a ghost appear in the sky, denotes the loss of kindred and misfortunes. To see a female ghost on your right in the sky and a male on your left, both of pleasing countenance, signifies a quick rise from obscurity to fame, but the honor and position will be filled only for a short space, as death will be a visitor and will bear you off. To…

…If you dream of being in a bathroom, refers to your natural encourage. There is a possibility that you feel you wished you could release all your thoughts and emotions. The other meaning of this dream could also symbolize rebirth of your subliminal. The dream is a signal that you have to “wash away” all the negativity, troubles and disappointments. If you dream of being in a public ladies’ or men’s room without walls or any other barriers it denotes that you feel the lack of privacy or not getting enough space to your own world. It might be that you even afraid to be criticized for your views and thoughts, that is why you keep holding everything back. To dream that you are looking for bathroom, but can not find it, foretells that you are struggling when expressing our feelings….

The sailboat is very common dream for those who are making big changes in their waking life. The sailboat is also a symbol of freedom, therefore you feel the necessity for more space or you simply feeling free from all of the negativities and unnecessary responsibilities. To dream about the sailing boat which is moving along, means that you are taking the right direction towards your life. The sailboat that is difficult to move indicates how you are struggling with your life. You need to get things perfectly again.

To dream of one, denotes tidings from abroad, in a short space of time, and still more speedily, if you think the telegraph is at work.

Dreaming of a wast cathedral with its domes rising into space, denotes that you will be possessed with an envious nature and unhappy longings for the unattainable, both mental and physical | but if you enter you will be elevated in life, having for your companions the learned and wise.

…dream, it means indecision. Entering a house from its main door means triumph against one’s opposition. If the door of one’s house opens to the street in a dream, it means that what one earns will be of benefit to strangers rather than to his own household. The disappearing of a door in a dream means death of the head of that household. Passing through a small door into an open space means relief from difficulties. If one sees himself leaving his house from the main door into a spacious green garden in a dream, it means entering the realms of the hereafter. If one sees two ringlets or door knockers hanging at his door in a dream, it means indebtedness to two people who are demanding to be paid. If one sees fire burning his door in a dream, it means the death of his wife, or it may…

If you dream about the cactus, then such dream signifies the lack of independency. You feel too much pressure and you need your own space. The dream may also be interpreted as the suggestion to be less ignorant and adapt to the circumstances you are surrounded by, because life is hard and sometimes we need to stay in different environment, even if we don’t like it.

If you were coughing in a dream, then such dream represents the things you are afraid in your future. Maybe the dream suggests you to make some space between yourself and those around you. The dream could also indicate the bad alternatives you have made.

The string is the symbolism of the connection between 2 people. Sometimes the string shows that you are too much attached to particular person, therefore you see the string. Some people feel the necessity for more personal space, but certain relationships or lifestyle doesn’t provide that, these people also dream about string. If you are winding the string or make the place tidy by tying the strings, it shows your tendency to keep everything organized. You tend to keep things clear.

To dream that your navel is attached to someone or something means that you are feeling attached to some situation or person in your waking life. Perhaps the dream shows that you need some space and privacy. If your novelty is being pierced, then such dream means that you tend to give your health away in order to look great if it is needed.

…wishes for them to be removed. Walking out of such an imprisonment in a dream means relief from such adversities If one is travelling, it means that he is a heedless, and if he is sick, it means that his sickness is a prolonged one. It is also said that imprisonment in a dream may mean that one’s prayers are answered and that his difficulties and distress will be removed. If one sees himself incarcerated in an unknown jail of an unknown location and whose dwellers have uncommon appearance in a dream, such a prison then represents his grave. If a sick person sees himself walking out of an unknown prison, or out of a tiny house into a large open space in a dream, it means that he will recover from his illness and fully enjoy his life. If one sees himself incarcerated in a prison he does not…

When you dream of seeing an apartment it signifies the condition of your material life. When you see very big apartment with lots of space, it means that there is a possibility to get more earnings of your business or the situacion in your personal life will become much better than it used to be before. It is a sign of your life getting better and better every day. If you dream of seeing dusky and murky apartment it symbolizes the possibility of loosing important things in your life. Do not worry, as if you will be careful everything will be fine.

If in dream we see flower garlands the dream involves a double symbolism, on one hand the welcome to new events that appear in our life, and secondly, the ephemeral because flowers fade in a short space of time. So it may be a warning about a coming issue that although friendly and cheerful content will be short.

…It symbolizes your soul and the fact that you’re longing for freedom. Seeing birds flying through the sky reflects impatience. If birds are emigrating, you have a desire to change the environment. If they’re caged, you see yourself with limited freedom. Caged and with a broken wing or leg, or shivering, indicates that your soul is imprisoned. Seeing a bird flying in a limited space, crashing into walls and finally landing on your head, reveals that you have fixed ideas and complex thoughts. If the dream is about the struggle with night birds, it will cause you great impression and reveals our fight against destructive thoughts. To get more detailed interpretation about your dream, please also see the name of the bird….

…Dreaming of a donkey braying in your face, denotes that you are about to be publicly insulted by a lewd and unscrupulous person. To hear the distant braying filling space with melancholy, you will receive wealth and release from unpleasant bonds by the death of some person close to you. If you see yourself riding on a donkey, you will visit foreign lands and make many explorations into places difficult of passage. To see others riding donkeys, denotes a meagre inheritance for them and a toiling life. Dreaming of seeing many of the old patriarchs traveling on donkeys, shows that the influence of Christians will be thrown against you in your selfish wantonness, causing you to ponder over the rights and duties of man to man. To drive a donkey, signifies that all your energies and pluck will be brought into play against a desperate effort on the part…

The moving is a good omen, especially if you have no barriers to keep moving. If you find it very hard to move, for example to run, you are feeling tightened about some situation and need more space in order to move properly. The movement could also predict your desire to escape the current situation you are in. Perhaps you wish for more freedom and independency.

Dreaming about the press suggests that there are the messages that must be spread to others. You should pay more attention to the outside world. Dreaming that you are being followed by the press suggests a lack of privacy in your life. You may feel like someone or something is taking up your personal space.

…To dream of one denotes tidings from abroad, in a short space of time, and still more speedily if you think the telegraph is at work. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 47, 10, 78….

If you became one of the members from girls scouts, it means that you have a special connection with other people and enjoy being surrounded by them. The scouts could also signify the fact that you are being into too crowded space.

…a curious sound — a prolonged sound in which all nature seemed to join, and whisper, ” The Zone Arto! The ZONE ARTO! This is the ZONE ARTO! You have returned whence you came. You have returned to the ZONE ARTO” And as I listened in sore perplexity, the space all around me filled with the forms of countless men and women — composed of vibrating molecules of light. And the whisper continuing, I distinctly heard, ” These are radio-activities, the essences of life. The society of the ZONE ARTO alone knows the secret of their creation, and alone knows how to extract them from the material body. Souls, ghosts, phantasms — terms by which you are accustomed to designate the super physical — all are radio-activities. You are one of them yourself now.””What! I cried.” Do you mean I am no longer material?””Yes!” the whisper replied, ”pro tempus, you…

…(Inn | Hotel | Lodge | Pub) In a dream, a hostel represents fornication, adultery, temporary marriage for pleasure, renting a space, renting tools or machinery, leasing an area for storage, or renting a garment. If a sick person rents a room in a hostel or an inn on the highway in a dream, it means his death, or it could mean that he will recover from an illness, or dispel anxiety, or take residence in a new country, or it could mean marriage after being single for a long time, or buying a vehicle, finding a money pouch, or something one can sell to help him during his financial crises. A married person resting in a hostel in a dream means that he will beget a son who when he grows will help his father in his trade and bring him happiness and comfort. If one’s child is…

If you dream of seeing or beeing in an attic or in any similar space or room, which is just below the roof of a building, it means that you were hiding your feelings and emotions and now you started to let go your feelings. This dream also symbolizes your thoughts, spirit and good intentions. Otherwise, this dream represents challenges you will suffer from, while trying to achieve the target you were aiming for. Anyway, you will reach your target after all hard work and and effort you will put in. This means that you are strong person who is not afraid of the challenges. If you dream of messed up attic it means, that you must concentrate on your mind and try to make it tidy.

If you dream about handkerchiefs, then such dream signifies that you are feeling under pressure. There is a lack of space you wish to have. If you see the handkerchiefs that are in white color, then such dream foretells about the things that will turn on your positive way. If you waved goodbye, then such dream foretells about some situation you wish to finish and get over with it, because it took lots of energy from you.

If the apartment listed in our dream is not ours, but we are visiting it, symbolizes a change in some aspect of our current situation, and we could consider as a positive or negative change taking into account the good or bad state of the apartment. If the apartment is ours and is totally empty in the dream, many authors consider that this dream symbolizes an intellectual deficiency, a lack of studies, and is a warning to find a way to fill that space.

When you are mourning in a dream, then such dream indicates how you are holding on the past. Perhaps you should make some new space for the future in your heart and your mind. If you are wearing the mourning, then such dream symbolizes losses, sadness and misfortune. If you saw other people wearing the mourning, then such dream shows the unpleasant experiences for those that are close to you such as your friends and relatives.

If you dream that you are being surrounded by crowd, then such dream could have several meanings depending on the feelings you had while dreaming this dream. If you felt good while being in crowd, then it means that you are happy with current situation or your life overall, because you fit very well with the crowd. If you did not feel good, it means that you are lacking for some privacy in your life or you wish to have more space.

When you dream of the mold, then such dream represents the things in your life that you are not using anymore. Perhaps you do not need them or think there is no space for them. The mold in a dream could also indicate your spiritual incensement. If the mold is broken in a dream, then such dream suggests you to take new advantages of the life and prepare yourself for new proficiencies.

…that he will be inflicted with a great calamity because of a falsehood he fosters, or innovations he practices. If one becomes a messenger in a dream or a caller to God Almighty, and if someone hearkens to him and accepts his message in the dream, it means that he will rise in rank. Otherwise, it means that he will become a broker, a liar, a defrauder, a swagger, depending on his level of knowledge, or it could mean that he will be struck with a major calamity in his life. Such a calamity will be of the same caliber, degree and nature that a messenger of God Almighty may have suffered from his own people. Seeing one of God’s prophets in a dream also means living the experience of time, space and condition in which he saw him in the dream. Wearing the cloak of one of God’s prophets…

To dream that you are hiding from someone means that you are actually trying to hide some secret or part of your personality. You need more space for yourself.

To dream of being very close to someone means that you are suffering from the lack of closeness from your surroundings in your waking life. Alternatively, you need more freedom and space.

To dream that you are painting something means that you are exploring the creative aspects of your personality. If you are painting the house, the walls or any other part of the building, it means that you are creating the space that is comfortable to be in. If you or other person is painting the graffiti on the public walls, it shows the aggression and anger issues the painter has.

The wings are interpreted very similar to the dream meaning of flying, depending on the circumstances of the dream. It usually foretells about the need for freedom, your own space and independence. Perhaps you wish to fly away from everything and escape the current situation. You’ve got problems in your life. The flapping of the wings that is very quit, shows easy and stable flight, but the loud sound of the flapping signifies unhappiness.

If you dream that you are being infected with some kind of virus, means that you feel that your space has been invaded. You are lacking of privacy and comfort in your waking life. The virus could also represent unhealthy relationships you got yourself into.