…The plane crash in dreams is an indicator of your broken dreams and hopes. The dream might also represent some situation in which you are feeling totally out of control. Maybe some things are not going according to plan, therefore you are dreaming about such thing as plane crash and you feel you do not know what to do about it….

…The dream about the car crash denotes to your attitude, life and targets that clashed with another’s. The dream might also indicate the staggering proficiency you will have. On the other hand, the car crash could also indicate your tendency to drive without any care. Perhaps the unconscious mind of yours is telling you to slow it down. If you saw the plane crash, then such dream shows the unreal expectations you have from yourself. Perhaps you made very high goals for yourself which is impossible to achieve. On the other hand, the dream shows the lack of confidence you are suffering from. Perhaps you do not believe in yourself and think you are unable to get what you want. Try to believe more in yourself and do whatever you want to do, otherwise you will get nothing from life. To get more information about the crash dream meaning,…

If you dream that you are involved into airplane crash, it shows your apprehension about some situation where you have no power to change. Perhaps you are unable to manage some part of your life of there is something very disturbing that just happened, therefore it is seen as the airplane crash. Sometimes people who have the fear of the flying, dream about airplane crash. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning of plane crash.

Usually planes are dreamed by those who are about to have some vacation. The plane could also indicate your desire to escape your life and be free from all of the responsibilities and duties. The plane is also known as the symbol of your smooth work that gets done very quickly. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning of plane crash.

To dream that you got yourself into the crash of helicopter, shows that you are afraid of something bad that might happen to you. Sometimes the helicopter crash indicates the problems you think you are unable to control. You feel that you cannot do anything to feel in control, therefore you experience the helicopter crash.

To dream that you experience some kind of the crash, means that you are dealing with the difficulties in your waking life. If you have no injuries after the crash, you will avoid harsh consequences. The crash could also mean that you are unable to manage some situation, therefore you feel helpless.

The crash you dream about in your life represents great progress you are making. The bigger the crash the bigger the progress.

Dreaming of planes in flight suggests future success in all the affairs that you handle. Dreaming of a plane that it’s not moving, and worse if it appears broken, torn or falling to the ground, indicates future failures that can be dangerous for the dreamer.

…Dreaming that you use a plane, denotes that your liberality and successful efforts will be highly commended. To see carpenters using their planes, denotes that you will progress smoothly in your undertakings. Dreaming of seeing planes, denotes congeniality and even success. A love of the real, and not the false, is portended by this dream….

…Dreaming of driving a vehicle, such as a car, and hitting something with it, indicates uncontrolled aggression which can be very dangerous. It’s the constant obsession with something that always leads to unnecessary problems. Dreaming of crashing into something and almost hitting someone or almost being hit by another vehicle indicates that due to the dreamer’s misconduct, the dreamer’s activities are getting complicated and failing. Dreaming of being injured due to a crash or by being run over, indicates that soon the dreamer will face multiple failures and problems if the dreamer doesn’t correct his or her behavior. Dreaming of being saved from the crash or from being run over by one’s own merits indicates that through the dreamer’s skills and behavior any affairs that the dreamer might have will have a good outcome. Dreaming of witnessing a car crash and even worse being part of the car crash,…

(See Helmet)

You will be forced to make important decisions.

Dreaming of planes is a premonition of changes in your life. You must be very careful as there are risks of things going wrong.

Freud and his followers attribute a marked male sexual symbolism to the plane that involves sexual arousal and desire of a loving relationship. But other interpretations indicate that dream of a plane reveals our rapid rise desires, to reach a higher social level, professional or spiritual. But joined to this ambition there is also the fear that our aspirations are utopian, because if the plane crashes, it will lead us into a catastrophe.

…It is by no means uncommon to dream of the dead, and as a rule such dreams are of little or no significance. There are, however, exceptions, as, for example, dreams which are extraordinarily vivid and in which the dead appear with some specific purpose; and in these cases I fancy projections take place, and the immaterial body of the sleeper meets the phantasm of the dead on the super physical plane.For the following illustration of this kind of dream I am again indebted to News from theInvisible World. The events in the story, I am about to quote, happened about seventy years ago in the south of Scotland.”Mr. Reid, of Bowland, a gentleman of landed property in the Vale of Gala, was prosecuted for a very considerable sum, the accumulated arrears of tithes, for which he was said to be indebted to a noble family, the lay proprietors.”Mr….

It can be a warning against possible car accidents in the future. Perhaps your mind is telling you to be careful. It might be a good time to slow down a bit, and face your fears and doubts. Do you have control over your life? Do you feel guilty about something? It also indicates that your opinions, lifestyle or ambitions collide with those of another person. When one of your acquaintances dies in a car accident, it means that you need to check or retrieve your relationship with that acquaintance in real life. If you dream of a plane crash, it may mean that the objectives you set for yourself are too high. Or it may be, that you yourself, do not really believe that you are capable of achieving them.

…represent stinginess and avariciousness. In a dream, any kind of maple or other trees that renew their leaves annually represent poverty, richness, memorizing things, forgetfulness, celebrations, or sadness. In a dream, any kind of large trees that do not shed their leaves in the winter represent longevity, richness, jealousy, or steadfastness in one’s religion. Climbing a tree in a dream means escaping from danger, or carefully avoiding something worrisome. Seeing an unknown tree inside one’s house in a dream means that fire may consume such a house, or that a fight may break the family apart. Common types of trees and city trees in a dream represent enemies, or men seeking lawful earnings. Planting a seedling in a dream means getting married to a girl from a renowned family and gaining rank. A plane tree, a sycamore, or the like trees in a dream represent great, strong and famous men…

The dream in which you are piloting the plane shows how you are managing your life. If the flight goes smoothly and you have no difficulties while controlling the plane, you are comfortable and confident person. If you suffer some turbulence or have no idea what to do as a pilot, you will have minor disappointments or struggles in your waking life.

…Escaping from danger or surviving a would be fatal accident in a dream denotes one’s devotion, religious awareness, fasting, charities and good deeds. (Also see Escape | Running away | Take a flight | Turning)…

…(Crash helmet | Face mask | Hard hat | Warrior’s helmet) In a dream, a helmet means safety, money, a wife, employment, travel, or one’s head. A white helmet in a dream means relaxing, or peace in one’s life, or it could mean recovering from a migraine headache. Wearing a warrior’s helmet in a dream also means safety of one’s property and protection from an accident. Wearing a rounded expensive helmet in a dream means betrothing a beautiful and a rich woman. A helmet made of iron in a dream represents a leader who defends people, or it could mean trust, status, rank, a wife, or might. Wearing a white helmet in a dream means honor and protection of one’s property….

If you dream of the airplane, then such dream indicates your desire to be free. If you are the pilot of the airplane, then it shows that you are the leader of your life. The airplane could also indicate the fact that your life will have either its ups or downs. The airplane crash or the airplane on the fire shows that you are unable to control your own life. You’ve got problems that you do not know how to deal with them. If you survived and stayed alive in your dream, then it shows you will deal with your problems perfectly.

crash, and engine and coaches vanished from sight, over the side of a precipice. The next moment everything changed, and I found myself racing into the railway station to get my ticket. The place was absolutely deserted, not a porter nor a passenger anywhere, and the train all ready to go. The office was shut, as is always the case when we are in a desperate hurry in Phantomania, but, being determined to make the clerk hear, I commenced a vigorous cannonade with my fist on the pigeon-hole door. Presently the latter flew open, and out popped a bald, white head, with such evil, lurid eyes and sinister smile that, shocked beyond measure, I staggered back. As I did so, I came into conclusion with a porter, who, without asking my permission, unceremoniously shoved me into a train, and, before I could recover my breath, we were off. The compartment,…

The bus driver dream may have several meaning depending on the circumstances of the dream. The bus driver who is driving the bus with confident and you feel happy while being driven, shows that you have someone in your life who is very important to you. The bus driver could also mean that this person has a very big influence in your life. If you are the bus driver and driving many people in the bus, it shows that you feel appreciated and respected by those you are surrounded by. The crash of the bus shows that you who was driving the bus or another person who was the driver is unable to control the situation.

If you dream of seeing a shipwrecked, then such dream indicates the crash of the dreams or the emotional state the one is. Make sure you get ready for the stress as the dream promises negative experiences.

…To dream one is falling portends an unexpected visit and an interruption in one’s daily routine.Who has not dreamed of falling? Of stepping over the edge of some mighty cliff or chasm and plunging — with all the sickly, giddy sensation of plunging — down, down, down, until, instead of experiencing the apparently inevitable final crash, one has awakened; This curtailed phase of the falling-dream is so ordinary, in fact, that it is generally supposed that one cannot, in falling down an abyss in a dream, actually arrive at the bottom.However, having had a contrary experience myself, I have to my own satisfaction at least proved this belief to be erroneous….

…their hands at her. As she gazed at them, dumb with the agony of despair, there was a hideous rending, tearing and tottering of woodwork and masonry, the entire building fell to the ground with the noise of thunder, and, with this appalling crash still resonating in her ears, Mrs. P awoke. This dream occurred contemporary with the last great fire and earthquake at San Francisco, and those to whom she narrated it — namely, those who, like myself, knew the city — were assured that her description of it was exact in every detail. Here again projection may explain much.Mrs. P , forewarned by a super physical power of a danger threatening those between whom and herself there was a strong bond of spiritual sympathy, had in her sleep unconsciously projected herself to the spot where the catastrophe was taking place, hoping thereby to save those she loved from…

…To dream about a calm and quiet sea is a good dream, it suggests that you will soon be traveling for pleasure or business. This type of dream among young lovers often suggests their upcoming wedding and honeymoon. To dream that you’re facing the sea and listening to the sound of the waves as they hit against a ship, is a warning that your family will encounter problems, or that you’ll have problems in your business or workplace. To dream that you’re standing near the shore watching as the waves crash each other announces problems that will be difficult to resolve. To dream that you’re listening to the ocean’s waves without watching it suggests that you have been wasting your time on trivialities. When a young single mother dreams that she’s near the sea, it suggests that she longs for true love. To dream about sea foam symbolizes demoralization…

The dream, in which you see the collision, denotes to the emotional state of your mind. Perhaps you are trying to get sorted the chaos of your mind. The better explanation of the dream is interpreted in the meaning of Crash.

…Dreaming that you are anxious to obtain an education, shows that whatever your circumstances in life may be there will be a keen desire for knowledge on your part, which will place you on a higher plane than your associates. Fortune will also be more lenient to you. Dreaming that you are in places of learning, foretells for you many influential friends….

…you are threatened with nervous or brain trouble. To see a head severed from its trunk, and bloody, you will meet sickening disappointments, and the overthrow of your dearest hopes and anticipations. To see yourself with two or more heads, foretells phenomenal and rapid rise in life, but the probabilities are that the rise will not be stable. Dreaming that your head aches, denotes that you will be oppressed with worry. Dreaming of a swollen head, you will have more good than bad in your life. Dreaming of a child’s head, there will be much pleasure ill store for you and signal financial success. Dreaming of the head of a beast, denotes that the nature of your desires will run on a low plane, and only material pleasures will concern you. To wash your head, you will be sought after by prominent people for your judgment and good counsel….

Seeing a plane landing in a dream means the end of a trip or a certain task. Perhaps you had experienced situations where you have been out of control and now you try to put your feet on the ground.

…coming distress, unless you follow the advice given you. Disastrous consequences could often be averted if minds could grasp the inner workings and sight of the higher or spiritual self. The voice of relatives is only that higher self taking form to approach more distinctly the mind that lives near the material plane. There is so little congeniality between common or material natures that persons should depend upon their own subjectivity for true contentment and pleasure. Paracelsus says on this subject: {It may happen that the soul of persons who have died perhaps fifty years ago may appear to us in a dream, and if it speaks to us we should pay special attention to what it says, for such a vision is not an illusion or delusion, and it is possible that a man is as much able to use his reason during the sleep of his body as…

…Dreaming of Satan, foretells that you will have some dangerous adventures, and you will be forced to use strategy to keep up honorable appearances. Dreaming that you kill him, foretells that you will desert wicked or immoral companions to live upon a higher plane. If he comes to you under the guise of literature, it should be heeded as a warning against promiscuous friendships, and especially flatterers. If he comes in the shape of wealth or power, you will fail to use your influence for harmony, or the elevation of others. If he takes the form of music, you are likely to go down before his wiles. If in the form of a fair woman, you will probably crush every kindly feeling you may have for the caresses of this moral monstrosity. To feel that you are trying to shield yourself from satan, denotes that you will endeavor to…

The airplane could simply indicate your waking life when you have a flight or will have one soon. The airplane is also a symbol of freedom and our ability to be in the group. The airplane that is controlled by you, signifies your ability to manage your own life. If the flight goes smoothly, it shows how great you are dealing with your own life. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning of plane.

…To see one pursuing you, business trouble, through envious and jealous competitors, will harass you. If a young woman meets a bull, she will have an offer of marriage, but, by declining this offer, she will better her fortune. To see a bull goring a person, misfortune from unwisely using another’s possessions will overtake you. Dreaming of a white bull, denotes that you will lift yourself up to a higher plane of life than those who persist in making material things their God. It usually denotes gain….

The path in dreams indicates the way people go from one point to another. The path might also indicate the things that already happened in your life and you are unable to forget or the future which you are dreaming about and have some plane to fulfill it. If you find yourself being stuck in some path, it means that at some point of your life you are unable to move. If you do not find the way out of this path, the dream shows that you are feeling lost in some kind of situation. If you took the wrong way from your path, then such dream means that you accidently will put yourself in unpleasant situation.

…true fear of losing driver’s license. As external stimuli, dreaming about driver’s license represents how important this permission is for you. On spiritual plane, the dream about license to drive is like the authorisation to seek superior spiritual enlightenment. You are in right path if you have this license, but if you lost it – you in trouble. It means that you don’t have enough reasons for being more spiritual. Psychologically and emotionally, the license to drive is associated with right qualification and controlled feelings. It means that you are able to provide yourself with right decisions without hurry or uncontrolled thoughts. If you lost in the dream, then it represents your fear of losing your control and ability to make decisions. Also, it can represent your current situation, in which you’re feeling disabled. To find, means to solve problems or to bring your qualities back. Driving drunk, on drugs…

…example: If in the dream the train or bus, or car in which he was traveling leaves the dreamer stranded, then it indicates that it is unlikely to make the trip or change what he wants soon, perhaps because he have failed to seize the opportunity presented to him before and he delayed the date without actually knowing it. If in the dream you appear to get into the train, then it indicates that it is very likely that you will travel or make the change you wanted for so long. If you are traveling along with a moving train and watching the scenery go by, then it signifies that the chances to live the life you wanted are very close, therefore any of unconsidered moves shouldn’t be done. If you are traveling on a boat or a plane, your chances relate to very long trips, for example abroad….

To dream that you are in downtown, can be induced by external stimuli, which means that you have a meeting in downtown. Also in same manner, it means that it is time to wake up and get ready for the day. Had you any important appointments in next day after this dream? Alternatively, downtown can be interpreted as an induction of internal stimuli. In such manner, center of the city in dream represents material aspects of your personality. Do you have a lot of concerns about valuable possessions? Also it indicates large amount of activity and work for the better conditions and easier way of living. On spiritual plane, downtown represents inactivity in your spiritual life. You have no connection with other worlds, but you are very materialistic and you have extremely good connection with physical world, in which we all are living our actual lives.

To dream of the ticket, denotes to the new adventures in your life. Depending on the tickets, the different meanings are coming out of it. The train, plane or bus ticket would show the new journey or other fresh beginning in your life. The cinema or theatre ticket would indicate the creative lack within you. If you have lost the ticket, then such dream indicates the uncertainty and unknowingness.