Dreaming of tranquility indicates that you should stop and reflect about your life.

…(Fantasy | Illusion | Pipe dream) In a dream, a rainbow means peace and tranquility. If the red color is dominant in the dream, then it means witnessing bloodshed during the same year. If the yellow color is more dominant in the dream, it means an illness. If the green color is more dominant in the dream, then it means safety, peace and tranquility. A rainbow in a dream also means marriage. Seeing a rainbow over one’s right side in a dream means blessings. If it appears on one’s left side in the dream, then it means prosperity and a good harvest. As for poor people, seeing a rainbow on one’s right side also means richness, while for a rich person it means short lived difficulties. A rainbow in a dream also represents wonders, or a military coup. If thunder accompanies the rainbow in the dream, then it means…

The lightening is always a good omen for the dreamer. This kind of dream shows the peacefulness and tranquility the one has found in his waking life. Perhaps the dreamer is in very deep connection with his spirituality. He asks the questions that not many people are asking. The dreamer knows that the living is something more than only the living we have every day. The goodness and tranquility that is within his mind is also coming in his dreams, which shows the amazing self-control one has achieved.

…Since ancient times, death has been interpreted and understood only as a change of one life to another one. Perhaps from a difficult life, challenging and intensive work to one of peace and tranquility. Whether it’s true or not, that is precisely one of the main symbolism of death in dreams: change of life. For example, dreaming of death can mean the disappearance of ambitions and selfishness and that leads into spirituality. Dreaming of death somehow suggests the desire to have a change in life, for example, economically, at home, in employment, business or a renewal of life. Dreaming of death may also be a consequence of extreme fatigue and physical exhaustion, which among other things produces melancholy and disappointment over little things in everyday life. This dream also usually happens after living with great enthusiasm due to false optimism and high hopes, but having it all fail. Therefore…

Emotions in dreams represent our state of mind in the waking lives. The different emotions have different meanings depending on the situation in your life. If you feel angry, then such dream could symbolize the hidden frustration and aggression you are keeping inside you. If you felt happy emotions, then it could indicate the peace, tranquility and happiness in your waking life. The emotions could also show your desires and wishes – how you wish to live the other part of your life.

…white or light-colored, it simply means serious marriage proposals that does not suit her because soon she will receive another, more advantageous proposal. This may mean that the subconscious of the dreamer is working perfectly and the dream gives the answer that she longs to receive. When you are dreaming of being pursued by a bull, but managing to protect yourself, (for example behind a platform, a tree or a house) then this could mean that although your problems in real life seem serious, in the end everything will be fine, because of intense work and attention that you put. To dream that a bull chases and injures a person can mean that due to problems the dreamer will suffer. When you are seeing many fat bulls grazing peacefully, then it symbolizes prosperity and tranquility. When a woman dreams of two bulls that are fighting, then it is a sign…

Safety, happiness and tranquility. See it broken, sadness. Cross is also a symbol of peace.

Seeing rice grains in your dream symbolizes success, prosperity, luck, fertility and warm friendships. To dream that you are eating rice denotes happiness and tranquility at home. To dream that you are cooking rice means new responsibilities will bring you much joy. Seeing rice mixed with dirt signifies sickness and separation from friends.

The dream, in which you see the elderly people, indicates knowledge and intelligence. You should pay attention to the conversation you had with this person and listen carefully what they were saying to you, because the advice you were given will brings much tranquility and peace in your life. The elderly people have wisdom about life, because they learned a lot from past mistakes and know the true values of the human’s lives.

Dreaming of being in a convent or monastery indicates that you can be calm and carefree, for all of the dreamer’s affairs or businesses are going well. Dreaming of entering a convent or monastery and having a priest block your way, hints that you will not enjoy rest nor tranquility because business affairs are not going well, and you have to devote more attention and effort. A young girl who dreams of being in a convent indicates that her personality and honesty are suffering due to malicious gossip and intrigues of other women.

When dreaming of the Scales of Justice, then it shows the tranquility, serenity and equilibrium. It could also indicate one of the Zodiacs – Libra.

If you dream of the toys, then such dream symbolizes youth, unity, consonance and comfort. The dream foretells that you are looking for some privacy, tranquility and security. The dream also indicates your funny and childish side of the personality. If other people were playing with toy, then it signifies successful relationships. If you gave the toys as a present, then such dream denotes to unappreciated attitude from others.

Dreaming of big fields of beet crops suggests that there is inner peace and tranquility in the dreamer. Dreaming that someone gives you a dirty, muddy, beet like if it was freshly taken out of the ground, and serves it in an ugly plate, as food, it may mean that someone wants to hurt you using rumors and gossiping.

Having a father in-law in a dream and particularly for someone who does not have in-laws means strength, peace and tranquility.

…appointment. An unknown mattress in an unknown place in a dream means buying, receiving, or inheriting a farmland. A mattress in a dream also means bearing a son. Changing one’s mattress in a dream means leaving one’s wife for the sake of another woman. If one does not like to sleep on his mattress in a dream and prefers to find another place to rest, it means that he will renounce his conjugal life. Folding one’s mattress and placing it aside in a dream means leaving one’s home for a long journey, divorcing one’s wife, or avoiding to sleep with her for one reason or another, or it could mean the death of either the husband or the wife. Sitting over one’s bed in a dream means gaining authority, or managing someone’s business. Sleeping in a dream means heedlessness, or it could mean peace and tranquility. (Also see Bed)…

If you have difficulties to breath in a dream, then such dream signifies something you are holding to yourself, therefore you feel the pressure. The lack of breath could also indicate the actual problems you have with your health. The calm and slow breathing is a good sign, because it shows the tranquility of your mind.

The heaven in dream is the symbolism of happiness, joy, and divinity. You are feeling free and enjoying the life you are leading. Alternatively, the dream may suggest you to look at things in more serious way, otherwise you won’t be able to recognize the evil and danger situations. Make sure you keep the tranquility that is in you, but at the same time keep your feet on the ground.

…In a dream, nose relates to the sense of smelling. It represents the element of comfort by taking in needed oxygen for the body to satisfy its needs. The immediate sense of physical tranquility produced by inhaling through one’s nose in one’s dream represents liveliness and comfort. If breathing in also includes smelling a sweet fragrance in the dream, then it reflects the immediate results of one’s satisfaction. Nose in a dream also represents an aspect of one’s beauty, or what one adorns himself with, such as wealth, or pride he takes in his father, a son, a brother, a wife, a just partner or an employee. A beautiful nose in a dream represents the good conditions of one’s life. A large nose in a dream means oppression or compulsion. Smelling a good fragrance in a dream means rising in station. If one sees himself in a dream having…

If you were picking up the pieces of the cotton, then such dream shows the frustration and desperation you are suffering from, because of all the efforts you put in it, but received only very minor results. Alternatively, the dream may indicate the tranquility of your mind. If you wore the garment that is made of cotton, then such dream shows the plainness.

Reveals wishes of safety or tranquility to rest and reflect about the problems we are facing.

…A house symbolizes the physical body of a person| therefore, depending on the condition the house is in, that’s the way the dreamer will feel physically. When the dreamer sees his or her own home in present time and it looks beautiful, it indicates joy for the success in the affairs and business that the dreamer is managing. If there are new foster homes in the dream, especially of children, it indicates tranquility and a pleasant home and work life. When there are small, old, and neglected houses in the dream it indicates that the health of the dreamer is deteriorating and that business, work, etc., will go from bad to worse if they are not given immediate and effective attention. If the dreamer leaves his or her own house it means that there is an internal concern about venturing into new activities in the search of fortune. Dreaming…

Seeing a deaf: your requests will not be heard or addressed. Long and cumbersome treatments that will have to carry out. Being deaf: sign of need and tranquility.

Dreaming of being in a union is a collective action. It may mean that you should do something that will be good for everyone. Seeing a union in your dream means harmony or a period of tranquility. You may try important ways in life. This dream also represents unification of separate aspects of oneself. Consider the qualities and characteristics of the person you are in a union with. For these qualities you should look within yourself. Dreaming of a marriage proposal suggests that some situations are taking a turn for the worst. Dreaming of being in a union with someone from your past, means learning about mistakes. On the other hand, it means that your current relationship shares commonality with your previous relationship. However, you’ll make some mistakes.

…Dreaming of a random bed that has nothing special to it, usually indicates sexual desire that hasn’t been satisfied. Clearly dreaming a clean bed, preferable if it’s white, hints inner peace and tranquility of the dreamer| however, if it’s a dirty and messy bed with dark colors, it announces disease either in the dreamer or someone close to the dreamer. A young woman who is making a bed hints that she wishes for a lover to appear in her life, or that she’ll enjoy a new job soon. Lying in bed in an unfamiliar room hints that friends will visit soon. Dreaming about sleeping in a bed outdoors hints that the dreamer will soon receive important opportunities that will make life better. If a sick person dreams about lying in bed this means that it could be a warning, and if the dreamer doesn’t take the proper precautions, soon…

The dream about Locusts represents calmness and tranquility. It is also a seasonal symbol therefore it might represent temporality. To get more detailed explanations of your dream please see the meaning of Cicadas.

The lime-tree is a symbol of tranquility, serenity, friendship and tenderness. It’s a clear sign that we’re carrying a balanced life, and we’re loved by those around us. If you suffer from any decease at the moment, it clearly announces that your health will improve considerably.

Just as in real life, ceilings symbolize protection in dreams, not just for possessions and wealth, but for the safety of your family and home. A ceiling in good condition means that you’ll manage affairs under favorable circumstances, and it forecasts tranquility in family matters. A ceiling in poor condition, or that is crumbling, is an omen for a serious decease, a passing in the family, or the loss of a loved one.

…In the dreams a dove’s color has its own meaning: White dove: symbolizes peace, tranquility and harmony, etc. Black dove: symbolizes sadness, misfortune, etc. Red dove: symbolizes tragedies, wars, disasters, etc. Messenger dove: symbolizes a classified message according to the color of the dove. Dreaming of hearing the low murmur of a dove is an announcement that problems are coming and even the death of a loved one. If a spouse dreams of a dead dove, it signifies that there will be at least a separation between the couple that could lead to divorce between them, due to infidelity from one of the two. Dreaming of a large group of doves flying, suggests that all matters either your own or from others, are going well and in peace, which means that the future can be fully planned with no worries. Dreaming of a messenger dove delivering a message, needs…

Dreaming that the person you love is beautiful, although in reality he or she is not, indicates true and lasting love. Dreaming of beauty is always good and indicates spiritual and mental tranquility and, therefore, peace and harmony with others. If a woman dreams of beautiful children, it indicates that she is able to provide with genuine, sincere and honest love, which is reciprocated. Dreaming of beautiful things, no matter what it be (flowers, meadows, buildings, artworks) insinuates that many people appreciate you.

Dreaming that you have a good neighbor means you enjoy tranquility. If you dream of an angry neighbor, it means fights, jealousy and a possible relocation of home.

If you were singing in a choir while dreaming, then it signifies the tranquility and peace of your mind. The dream could also symbolize your ability to be part of any community.

Tranquility and happiness.

If this dream is accompanied by tranquility and confidence then it indicates that the dreamer is prepared for possible trials that await him or her, but if the dream is full of negative emotions then it reflects that the dreamer is already sensing fear of being unable to cope with certain events.

If the song we hear is harmonious symbolizes tranquility and peace, but if the song is out of tune, we may have in discord motives that should be taken into account.

If you saw the dew, which was falling down on you, then such dream indicates the rebirth and vitality off your life. Perhaps you are at the state of your mind where you feel in total tranquility.

…or staying-up sleepless nights, or it could mean that he lacks intelligence, or that he is unable to memorise or remember things. Performing the late night prayers, (arb. Tarawih) in a dream means toiling, exhaustion, repayment of one’s debts and receiving guidance. Performing a special prayer for rain {arb. Istisqa) in a dream denotes fears, languid, rising prices, dullness of the market, trouble, unhappi- ness, attachment and stagnation of the construction business. Performing the solar or the lunar eclipse prayers in a dream means striving to deliver comfort or to appease someone or perhaps it could denote repentance of a sinner, returning to the path of God Almighty, fearing the authorities, difficulties, or manifestation of major signs of the fast approaching Hour of Reckoning. Performing a special prayer of fear (arb. Khawf) in a dream represents unity, concord, common consent, peace and tranquility. Performingthe funeral prayers (arb. Janaza) in a…

…It is a symbol of the orderly nature, subdued and tamed by man. Always produce the sensation of something hidden, intimate and personal where there is peace and tranquility. If as a whole it is harmonious then it is the same inside of your mind. If it doesn’t possess the order and beauty it should, then it means the unconscious dominates the conscious. If it’s dry and uncultured, so will be our personality. There is another symbolism of garden that is the equivalence of the garden with the woman….

…or if he is brought out of it alive in a dream, it means that one will inherit him in knowledge, wisdom and status. The same interpretation is given if one sees a prophet or a holy man walking out of his grave alive. To be buried after death, after sunrise, at noon or at the sunset hour in a dream means that one is being warned about doing what is good and abstaining from what is evil. To be buried alive in a dream is wrong and means betrayal. It could also mean marriage, prosperity or peace and tranquility after suffering and hard- ships. If one sees a deceased person burying him alive in a dream, it means that one’s due debts are not payed, or that one will be imprisoned to satisfy his debts, or that his collateral was not accepted. To bury a dead person twice means…

If you dreamed of sheet music, then it signifies the creative side of the dreamer where he is looking for harmony and tranquility especially in the relationships with others or himself

To dream of being in a ball means joy, pleasure, happiness and success. To be in a theatre and see a ballet perform, represents the satisfaction and tranquility. A cannon ball, represents distress and inquietude.