If any one dreams of going into a pulpit, it is a sign he or she will visit a place of disrepute, as such dreams work contrariwise: for a girl to dream that she assists in ornamenting or dressing a pulpit, foretells that she will do some act that she afterwards regrets, because of an… Read More


To see one, a sign of weakness; many ladies bring calumny and slander. To see a light-haired one, is a happy event to the dreamer; a brunette, sickness; a pregnant lady, brings good news; a naked lady, signifies the death of a relative. To hear a lady speak, without seeing her, foretells departure. Lucky lottery… Read More


(See Pitcher and Breast.) Dreaming of milk predicts to a man, the love of a lady. If a newly married lady dream; that he has a full breast of milk, it is a sign that she will be happily delighted of a fine child; to an old woman, it portends much money. Lucky lottery dream… Read More


To dream of rowing a boat in clear water, is a sign of good luck generally: if the water is muddy, it shows trouble and difficulties which may be overcome; if a lover dreams of rowing a boat with his lady-love in it, he will doubtless make a happy match. Lucky lottery dream numbers –… Read More


(See Overflow.) To dream of a flood, generally denotes riches and plenty, particularly if the water is calm, it shows that though you may lose something, you will be fortunate in other ways sufficient to counterbalance it. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 2, G6, 9.


(See Marriage.) To dream of being at a jolly wedding, is a sign of a funeral: if you imagine that you kiss the bride, it foretells the death of a dear friend or relative. In an old dream book published 1808, it is stated that to dream of kissing the bride, is a sign of… Read More


To dream you are eating raw chestnuts, shows you will be fortunate in love affairs. Boiled chestnuts, signifies you will be fortunate in business. To dream you prick your hand with a chestnut burr, is a sign your confidence will be abused by a pretended friend. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 7, 18.


If a young girl dreams that a friend has intrusted her with an important secret, it is a sign that the friend will become her enemy: if her lover tells her a secret, they will surely quarrel within a week, if she dreams of disclosing a secret to a friend, she will be much vexed… Read More


For a girl to dream that a gentleman presents her with a necklace, is a sign that someone meditates an attempt to seduce her: if a married woman dreams that her husband gives her a necklace, it shows that she will soon be in the family way. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 69, 12, 21.


To dream of sawing wood, or boards, foretells that you will do something that you will afterwards regret: if a young fellow dreams this, he will probably offer some indignity to his sweetheart, which he will find it hard work to get overlooked. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 3, 17, 55.


To dream of an abundance of ground-nuts, or peanuts shows that you will be poor, but contented, healthy and happy. If a married woman in the family-way dreams of them, it is a sign he will have a boy. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 11.


To dream of painting your house is a sign of sickness in the family, but at the same time thrift and good luck in business: if, in your dream, you see a white house newly painted outside, you will probably soon be summoned to attend a funeral: to see any other coloured house, newly painted,… Read More


To dream of hearing hissing noises, such as steam makes, or of geese hissing, is a sign of shame. If a girl dreams this it foretells that she will do something she is ashamed of: to a man it is a sign he will do an undignified act, or one that will injure his prospects.… Read More


To dream, of seeing a zebra, is a sign of a quarrel: if you imagine that somebody presented you with one of these animals, or that you have purchased it, it foretells, to a young man, that he will marry a rich but quarrelsome wife, and that she will be constantly annoying him by bragging… Read More


Dreaming that you have a fester on your hand, or fingers, is a sign that you will give somebody a present; if on your feet, or legs, it shows you will go to see someone who will be glad to see you. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 7, 6, 14.


To dream of having your portrait taken, is a sign someone will compliment your good looks; but if you are dissatisfied and think it a bad likeness, the compliment will run is a contrary direction, and you will be called frightfully ugly-looking behind your back. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 2.


To dream you are weighing any article, is a good omen, and signifies that you will be hap;)y and long-lived; but to dream you see another using the scales, is a sign you will be ruined by law suits. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 68, 40.


If a girl dreams that she has a tailor for her beau, and is pleased with him, it is a sign that she will marry a softly sort of a fellow, who will allow her to be both master and mistress after marriage. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 19,70.


To dream of mustard or mustard seed, is a bad omen, and foretells sickness and perhaps death. To dream you eat mustard, is a sign tout sweetheart or lover is false to you. To married persons this dream indicates domestic quarrels. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 4.


(See Rain, Rail and Snow.) To dream of a devastating storm, foretells losses and trouble: a violent rain-storm denotes that you will have good luck, but that misfortunes will nevertheless injure your prospects: gentle showers promise the luck without the adverse omen. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 21, 72.


To dream that you are wounded by being stabbed or shot by an enemy, foretells losses and poverty; if the wounds are accidental, it still denotes losses, though your general fortune may not be affected. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 13, 42.