Lions in dreams portend marriages; success of all kinds, viz.: in love, work, and sport; and unexpected journeys.Prior to a voyage to the West Indies, planned on the spur of the moment, a lady once told me she dreamed she was crossing the road opposite the house when, on glancing up, she perceived, to her… Read More


To dream of apples portends quarrels; beans, presents; cabbages, petty losses; carrots, new dresses and clothes; cherries, presents and kisses; gooseberries, domestic quarrels and legal disputes; grapes, the breaking of friendships; pears, births; plums, minor accidents; wheat, success in work and business, legacies and presents; grass, illness, the breaking off of engagements, disappointments in general;… Read More


To dream of travelling by sea signifies unexpected news, an invitation, and a visit from a stranger. To dream of travelling by land portends minor worries and losses.Who has not dreamed that they have been rushing to the railway station — that they have missed their train, or that they have got into the wrong… Read More


Bears have always been associated with the unpleasant side of the occult. Those, however, that made such short work of Elisha’s tormentors, although undoubtedly psychic (since to appear and cause to disappear with such startling suddenness is only characteristic of the super physical), were to my mind far more opportune than they were unpleasant. Indeed,… Read More


Bird-dreams are very common. With them alone I might fill a volume. However, as my space is not unlimited, I can only deal briefly with a few of them.To dream of canary birds signifies good fortune in the shape of money— either a legacy, a rise in salary, or a present. Whereas to dream about… Read More


The flying-dream is, I believe, more common to people with the psychic faculty and artistic temperament than to others. I have sounded many artists and writers on the subject, and they tell me that they often dream they are flying, but seldom, if ever, with wings. I know the sensation well, for I frequently experience… Read More


To dream of being chased by a bull portends some accident, such as breakage or loss, seldom anything more serious. For example, I see in one of my letters that a gentleman dreamed he was chased along the Marine Parade at Worthing by a bull, the day before one of his most valuable china ornaments… Read More


Whereas in some cases mice-dreams would appear to import nothing in particular, in others they undoubtedly point to illness, and death. I remember one lady telling me she had several times dreamed she was surrounded by mice, and that on each occasion the dream was followed by the illness of one of her children.Another case,… Read More


Without going into detail with regard to variety in shade, colour in dreams, especially when it is vivid and predominant, has much significance. The separate meaning of each separate colour in dreams is as follows:Light blue signifies impending trouble, particularly matrimonial and domestic troubles; serious quarrels between husband and wife, and parents and children; also… Read More


To dream of madness presages impending trouble of all sorts. Not infrequently the dream is, to a large extent, fulfilled. I well recollect a lady saying to me once: “I dreamed last night that my brother and I were sitting by ourselves in the breakfast – room, when, something making me suddenly look up at… Read More


To dream of a white cat is lucky; of a black, either extremely lucky or the reverse; of a tabby, neither lucky nor unlucky; of a tortoiseshell, simply disastrous.Of the many cat dreams that have from time to time been related to me, I think the following are the best examples:Mrs. Smith, who resides in… Read More


Dreams about pigs are decidedly unlucky, and mean anything from slight accidents to downright calamities.One lady, prior to her youngest child falling down a well and nearly being drowned, dreamed she saw him riding up and down the front lawn on a big white pig, which eyed her with an expression of fiendish malignancy; whilst… Read More


To dream of dancing with any one in particular signifies that person is contemplating doing you an injury; if your partner be your sweetheart or lover, then the dream is intended to prove he or she, is inconstant and has been carrying on a flirtation with someone else. If you dream you are dancing by… Read More


(A RECAPITULATION) The dreams in which one flies from one scene to another with breathless rapidity, and all the characters are bewilderingly mixed and everything is hopelessly incongruous, though apparently very meaningless, often contain many significant features.To quote an illustration: A certain Doctor Eastlake dreamed he was cycling through Hyde Park one very sunny morning,… Read More


Rats, whether white, black, or brown, singly or collectively, import illness, death, and serious misfortunes.The night before his son was drowned at sea, a man I once met dreamed his bedroom was full of enormous black rats with grey eyes that raced round and round the bed, and eventually leaped into the empty grate and… Read More


To dream of the moon portends illness, usually mental, but not necessarily that of the dreamer; also domestic and financial troubles, and death by drowning.When I was in Cornwall some years ago, I mentioned a boating fatality that had occurred quite recently in the harbour to a local fisherman, who at once exclaimed, “Aye! Aye!… Read More