The seahorse in dreams is the symbol of magical aspects of your waking life that are not very common. However, these joys will be only for a short period of time. The dream also shows that the miracle is about to happen. Sometimes the seahorse is the reflection of the certain individual who has tender,… Read More


The dream in which you feeling being in the spotlight means that you like attention, but only if you enjoyed it during the dream. If you felt very uncomfortable while being in spotlight, you are feeling too much pressure from your surroundings. Perhaps you wish to have more privacy.


If you are looking at some samples of the goods that are for sale, then it means the prognosis of your financial incensements are unavoidable. If you have to choose between few samples and cannot make up your mind, you will have many prepositions that will be suitable for you. If others looking at the… Read More


To dream that you received the message means that you are going to hear some important news, or you are looking forward for something new happening to you. The message that is being sent by you, means that you have some message to tell. The dream shows that you have things to say, only you… Read More


If you dream about the safe, then such dream indicates your desire to hide something. Perhaps there is something you wish to hide, therefore you dream about the safe. The dream could also show that you have some walls that build in order to protect yourself from the harm that other people can cause you.… Read More

Video recorder

To dream that you are recording some kind of video, means that you are very creative person. The dream could also indicate the fact that there is something going on in your waking life that you wish to remember, therefore in dream you are using the video recorder. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please… Read More


If you dream that you are being unfaithful to your partner means that you are having thoughts of being by yourself or have a crush on the person who you were unfaithful with. The dream shows that you are not happy the relationships you are in, at least this time of your life. If your… Read More

Third place

To dream that you took the third place in some kind of competition, means that you are doing great and the results of your hard work already showing up. If you felt very unhappy, because you won the third place and not the second or first one, then such dream means that you are the… Read More


The bobcat in dreams is the symbolism of lonely part of your personality. The dream shows that you perhaps wish to be on your own a little bit more. You are the person who feels good being by himself/herself. Sometimes the bobcat could indicate some person you do not trust or do not know very… Read More

St. Patrick (The Saint)

To dream of any spiritual symbol or figure usually indicates our desire to know ourselves better and be in deeper connection with our inner self. The St. Patrick is also very common dream for Irish people, because of the celebration they are having every year which brings much joy and happiness in their lives.


To dream of martin means fortune. The dream shows that you like communicating with other people, going out and having little chats with them. Alternatively, the dream may show that you are tired of being surrounded by other people and wish to have some privacy.


The twins in dreams are the symbol of duality, happy family life and special bond with your relatives. Some people who wish to have children dream about baby twins. The twins could also represent the lack of individuality the dreamer is suffering from.


To dream that you see the graffiti indicates the creative aspects of your personality. To know more about your dream, make sure you pay attention to the picture of the graffiti what was painted there, only then you will be able to interpreter your dream better.


The sweater you are wearing is seen as the omen of comfort. The dreamer could also be looking for security and shelter and the sweater is the symbol of it. It protects you from the badness and scary situations you might get yourself into. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning… Read More


tranquility. Harmony and relationships. The dream about pheasant indicates these features that the dreamer has. He should put them into his personality or remove, depending on the circumstances of the dream and the feelings the one who is dreaming that has. This interpretation could be applied also for the other person in your waking life.


To dream about reading or hearing some kind of lyrics indicates your feelings with particular song. Make sure you pay attention to the lyrics you hear and what kind of words it has, because it will tell much more about your dream. Sometimes these lyrics would mean nothing, only the reflection of the song you… Read More


If you dream about the keg, then such dream indicates disputes in your family. The band that is lose signifies the break up between two individuals and it is not possible to avoid. The new future is coming on your way. To dream of seeing many kegs foretells that you will have difficulties against some… Read More


The cougar in dreams shows the power you are carrying with yourself. You feel the person who is capable of doing the things he likes and not feeling guilty that enjoying the life to the fullest. The cougar could be applied not only to the dreamer, but to the person that is very close to… Read More


The mutant you see in your dream represents the things you are afraid of, especially the ones that lies within you. If the mutant is chasing you, you feel the danger in your waking life. If you are able to escape the mutant that was chasing you, you will escape the problems you have.


To dream about some kind of oasis, signifies the fortune in your business matters. The one who is looking for oasis and can’t find it, means that you are afraid to change things. He has fears of losing the control and have not comfort to be different.


To dream about the hair could have several different meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream. Make sure you pay attention to the state of your hair as it will give you a lot of information about your dream. The mess hair indicates unorganized life. The beautiful and healthy hair shows how capable you… Read More


To dream that you are using the ladder, means that you are aiming for your tasks very easily. You have no problems while dealing with minor issues. The ladder also shows that you tend to achieve better and better results instead of staying at one point.


The interstate indicates your ability to go from one phase of your life to another. It could also indicate the different steps you are taking and how you are managing to make it go smoothly. The dream could either indicate the situations that already happened, the current situation or unknowingness in the future. If you… Read More