If you are looking at some samples of the goods that are for sale, then it means the prognosis of your financial incensements are unavoidable. If you have to choose between few samples and cannot make up your mind, you will have many prepositions that will be suitable for you. If others looking at the… Read More


If you dream about the keg, then such dream indicates disputes in your family. The band that is lose signifies the break up between two individuals and it is not possible to avoid. The new future is coming on your way. To dream of seeing many kegs foretells that you will have difficulties against some… Read More


To dream about some kind of oasis, signifies the fortune in your business matters. The one who is looking for oasis and can’t find it, means that you are afraid to change things. He has fears of losing the control and have not comfort to be different.


The turtles are the symbols of long life and great health. Because it is not a very common animal, the dream is not very often either, so if the one has such a dream, it means that very unusual situations will come into your life, but not necessarily bad ones. Maybe you will find some… Read More


When you dream about the axe, then such dream indicates the reward you will receive because of the great work you did, only if it is sharp and shiny. The broken axe or the dull one, foretells about losses and desperations the dreamer will suffer.


The light in dreams is very common, because it gives people hope. The light is the symbol of hope, enlightenment, spirituality and love. The light that you see far way shows that you found the way to get out from all the negativity you were suffering from. You will get the answers to the questions… Read More


To dream that you are being operated signifies major changes in your waking life. You feel that something is being done to you and you do not feel yourself anymore, because of the pressure in your home or your job. The changes that were done to you could also be only the consequences of your… Read More


The lake in dreams is associated with the love and affection. The lake that seems very calm and still, indicates very stable relationships with your lover. If the lake is a bit wavy, or there is some rain pouring on it, then you will face a hard times, especially in your personal love affairs. The… Read More


The dream in which you are packing your personal belongings, signifies some major turnovers in your waking life. Perhaps you are preparing for something very important to you. The changes could be done only on the way you are thinking and prioritizing what is the most important thing to you and what is not. The… Read More


In dreams the eyes are the symbols of your view to word. The eyes that are beautiful and even sparkles, signifies the goodness. The ones that are closed foretells about the reality the dreamer tries to escape. If the eyes are crossed, then it foretells about some misunderstanding between your inner self. You do not… Read More


To dream of being in the nightclub indicates your happy appearance. You will have much joy and celebrations, however you should be careful, because the celebration is happening during the night. The nightclub is also a place of the sins where people get drunk or have one night stands.


If you see the railing, then it shows someone in your waking life that is going on the right track to their succession. If you see yourself to be holding on some rail, then it shows that you are looking for something stable and safe in your waking life. You do not feel fully grounded.… Read More


If you dream about the hail, then such dream foretells about the times you will try to do things repeatedly. If you see yourself in the hail storm, you will succeed. The hails that are falling in stones promises great happiness through hard work.


If you dream about the picnic, then such dream can have various meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream. The picnic that is being held with the ones you love is a good omen that promises happy marriage, good friends and healthy children. The picnic that is being only by yourself shows how own… Read More


The dream in which you won the bet, means that the fortune is on your way. If you lost one of the wagers, you will be disappointed a lot and might suffer illness and losses. To make a wager means that you will have the different thoughts you had before.


The dream in which you see someone yawn means that the friend who is close to you will get some kind of sickness. When you are the one who is yawning, then you will have a minor disappointments if you won’t let yourself down, because it is never good to expect more than you can… Read More


Various parts of the quilt indicate different explanations of the dream. Mostly quilts represents tranquillity, harmony and peace. The dream could also simply be a sign for you to keep doing whatever you are doing, because everything is going according to plan.


The rat in dreams a very unpleasant omen for those who dreamed about it, but it doesn’t have a very bad meaning. The rat is an indicator of the jealous people you are surrounded by. Someone wishes you bad, however you are not in contact with those people, therefore there is no danger for you.… Read More