The wind is the symbol of variations and alterations in your waking life. If the wind is very strong, the changes will be significant, but if it is not very strong or even mild one, you will not have any huge changes in your waking life. On the other hand, the strong wind indicates the… Read More


To dream of being a tattoo artists means that you are trying to make things better for someone, but actually making it worse. If someone is giving you a tattoo, you will have to sacrifice at some point of your life and this will leave a huge mark on you, you will have to return… Read More


If you dream that you are pregnant, then it means your financial situation will become much better then you expected. For some people pregnancy is very common dream, because they are trying to get pregnant. The women who are already pregnant also dreams about it all the time, because it is their reality at this… Read More


The cats are known for bad luck in dreams, because they are very mysterious. The little cats that are known as kittens are good omen especially for woman, because it gives the birth of healthy children. For a man the cat is not a very good omen, because he will have a bad luck.


The dream in which you see various letters of the alphabet signifies the desire to find the solution for some problem. The letters are also symbolism of unknowingness that is lurking for you. If the alphabet that is seen is in your dream is written in unknown language, then you will face some kind of… Read More


When you dream about the elevator, then such dream represents the different stages of your inner self. You feel different all the time. The elevator may be interpreted as the sexual act, which tells how the intercourse is going. The elevator could also signify the good and bad days in your waking life, where you… Read More


The blue color signifies calmness and devotion. The green color represents vitality, fertility and money happiness. Orange one denotes loyalty, goodness and childhood. The red one foretells about sexual aspects, power and scary things. Yellow one represents happiness, childhood, great health and vitality.


To dream that you are using the tape, means that you want to make a special bound with someone particular, especially if you are the one who bought it. The tape could also mean that you feel too much of the attachment and wish to be free at some point of your life. You’re lacking… Read More


When you dream of the abortion, then such dream indicates some kind of problems, but only if you are the female. For a man, it is different explanation which signifies minor troubles within his family affair or business. Overall, the abortion signifies the failures you will meet while dealing with various things in your life… Read More


The glass in dream is a good omen if you are looking through it and if it is nice, clean and clear, then it shows the real view you see of the world. The dirty glass or scratched one shows your inner destruction. If you dream about the broken glass, then such dream foretells about… Read More


The zebra in dreams is the omen of necessity for stability. Perhaps you cannot decide what you wish for in life, therefore you are living the life jumping from one point to another. The zebra also indicates changes in our lives that are imminent.


If you see a pool in a dream, then it is interpreted as the suggestion to be friendlier with the people you do not know so well. You should start having new friendships. The pool that is surrounded by the nature full of flowers and trees, signifies great love and marriage for the dreamer. The… Read More


To be shaken by an earthquake is a symbol of some important matter that will make a lot of stress to you. You will have to deal with unknowingness. If during the earthquake you escaped the danger, then it shows that you will be able to deal with whatever problems you will have easily.


If you hear other people talking loudly about not important things, it means that people will talk behind your back bad things about you. If you are the one who talks, it shows your desire to be heard and listened, because you have things to say that are important to you.


The lion is the king of the jungle, therefore the one who is dreaming about it will have a great fortune. The lion could also signify that there will be many barriers that you will have to overcome. If you are in fight with a lion, then such dream signifies the fact that you will… Read More


If you dream about binoculars, then such dream indicates the fact that you should be aware before making important decisions in your life. If the binoculars were used in order to follow someone, then such dream shows that you should be aware of those that are talking behind your back. Many false information is used… Read More


To dream that you see yourself being vagrant foretells that you will experience misery and sadness. If you give vagrant to someone else, it is a good omen, which promises riches and abundance. When you are communicating with vagrants, you will be trusted by important people.


If you are obedient in your dream, then such dream signifies the fact that you are the very hard working person who is going to do well in his job. If other people are obedient to you, then it means they will help you to improve in your various affairs. When you dream about disobedience,… Read More