To dream of the globe, foretells much good. If you turn it round, you will be a great traveller. If you endeavour to turn it, and cannot you will not remove. To dream you see England and Scotland on its surface, is a sure sign of happiness. If you see other spots, you will be… Read More


To dream of a fox, you will have an acquaintance that will prove very artful. He or she will pry into your secret circumstances, and play the hypocrite so well, that, in the end you will be turned out of your dwelling by the force of knavery. The fox never burrows, but gains one from… Read More


To dream you are playing at dice, denotes a portion of your time will meet with various fortune — sometimes rich, sometimes poor. To play at cards, and you prove the winner, fortune will favour you during the year. If you play at any game with the opposite sex, and the winnings are returned, rest… Read More


To dream of dogs, the meaning, in a great measure depends on the sex. To dream that they fawn upon you, your company will be caressed by all. If one bites you, a man or woman, you may fancy your dearest friend will become your inveterate enemy. If a man dreams that a black bitch… Read More


To dream you are buying raw meat, signifies that friends will step forward, and be of great assistance to you, if one insists on conveying it home, and partakes of a part of it, if married avoid him, he may hide himself under your bed. To dream you buy dressed meat, you may expect a… Read More


To dream you see a naked woman is very lucky, it foretells some unexpected honours await you, that you will become rich, and be successful in most of your undertakings. To dream you see a naked man, is indicative of trouble, and that you will be attacked by thieves, loss of goods or reputation. For… Read More


To dream of knives clean and sharp, denotes plenty, if rusty and blunt, poverty. To dream they are completely worn, denotes the best of your days are gone, but, to dream you renew them, and that two of them are larger than the others, you will speedily be married, and have a family.


To dream that you fall into the mire, and you are covered with filth, if a servant, you will lose your character, through pilfering: if the dirt gets into your eyes, you will experience confinement, most likely be imprisoned, if you see clouds rapidly moving, beware of transportation. To run and fall, then rise, and… Read More


To dream of an open grave, foretells sickness and disappointment. If you go into the grave, you will experience a loss, but, if you jump out of it quickly, and it closes as quickly, you will recover part of your property. If single, you will soon be married.


To dream of being in a shower of rain, if it is gentle and soft, denotes great success in your present undertakings, it is very favourable to lovers, and denotes constancy, affection, and sweet temper. To the sailor, it promises, good fortune by sea, and that he will marry a beautiful girl. It will prove… Read More


To dream of apes doing you an injury, bodes enemies. The dreamer should be on his guard against foreigners: through necessity, or some other cause, you will be obliged to mix with that sort of people whose manner is foreign to yours, or destined for you to go to that country they live in.


To dream of gin, shows you will soon be in company with a very lively party. To dream some particular person hands you a glass of gin, or mixed liquor, shows you will have an intercourse with that individual, and be interested with his concerns.


To dream it is in danger is a warning to keep a strict guard over your actions, lest you lose a good name; virtue is honoured by the greatest libertine, but mentally so. To dream you boast of your virtue shows you will yield to temptation, and not be able to conceal your fault. Let… Read More


To dream that you see people firing guns or cannon, augurs that you will experience much adversity and confinement, or that your sweetheart will become an enemy. To dream that they are firing at you, shows that you will be exposed to dangers of many sorts; if you are a sailor, ship-wreck. If you dream… Read More


To dream you see a pond with clear water in it, betokens great success in your undertakings to a man, it denotes his being beloved by a beautiful woman, to a maid, it shows the constancy and affection of her swain, and that they will have great prosperity after marriage. If small fish are seen… Read More