The turtles are the symbols of long life and great health. Because it is not a very common animal, the dream is not very often either, so if the one has such a dream, it means that very unusual situations will come into your life, but not necessarily bad ones. Maybe you will find some… Read More

Yard sale

If you dream of the yard sale, it means that you are trying to get rid of things in your life or emotions that cause you negative feelings. The yard sale that is made by other people shows that you are trying to get the advice from others.


To dream that you see the yak in the dream foretells about the ability to adapt in various and difficult conditions. The dream shows that sometimes the life puts you into very hard circumstances, but you manage to get through no matter what the life brings you. The yak could also indicate some person in… Read More


The parrot is the symbol of your inner self. The dream means that you should reconsider the important aspects in your life. The different colors indicate different meanings, therefore you should pay attention which one was the dominant one. The parrot could also mean that you have less energy, therefore it comes in your dreams.… Read More


When you dream about the axe, then such dream indicates the reward you will receive because of the great work you did, only if it is sharp and shiny. The broken axe or the dull one, foretells about losses and desperations the dreamer will suffer.


The light in dreams is very common, because it gives people hope. The light is the symbol of hope, enlightenment, spirituality and love. The light that you see far way shows that you found the way to get out from all the negativity you were suffering from. You will get the answers to the questions… Read More


To dream that you are being operated signifies major changes in your waking life. You feel that something is being done to you and you do not feel yourself anymore, because of the pressure in your home or your job. The changes that were done to you could also be only the consequences of your… Read More


The lake in dreams is associated with the love and affection. The lake that seems very calm and still, indicates very stable relationships with your lover. If the lake is a bit wavy, or there is some rain pouring on it, then you will face a hard times, especially in your personal love affairs. The… Read More


To dream that you see the lizard means that you are the person who is capable on adapting in various environments. The lizard is the animal that has a very good quickness and is able to escape the danger when it is needed. These qualities could be applied to your personality either. The qualities of… Read More


The dream in which you are packing your personal belongings, signifies some major turnovers in your waking life. Perhaps you are preparing for something very important to you. The changes could be done only on the way you are thinking and prioritizing what is the most important thing to you and what is not. The… Read More


To dream of the brook is the symbolism of your life how it is going through and how you are coping with it. If the brook is clean, it shows that you are able to control your life. If the brook is muddy, dirty or is going too fast, you should slow down and live… Read More


The birth is always a good sign, because it promises the new and better future for the dreamer. If you are expecting the child and dream that you give a birth, it simply shows the fact that you are looking forward for this event.


To dream that you’ve been injured in some way, means that someone or some situation has made you feel very bad. The dream shows that emotionally you are very tired, therefore you feel like being injured. If someone has attacked you in the dream and injured, it means that you are afraid of being hurt.… Read More


In dreams the eyes are the symbols of your view to word. The eyes that are beautiful and even sparkles, signifies the goodness. The ones that are closed foretells about the reality the dreamer tries to escape. If the eyes are crossed, then it foretells about some misunderstanding between your inner self. You do not… Read More


To dream about your teacher means that you have decent respect for this person. Sometimes the teacher is interpreted as the good example which gives you the will to be just as him or her. The teacher could be like a metaphor of the person you are learning from and who has a big influence… Read More


When you dream that you are paying the money for something, it means that you have a feeling that people are using you or you owe something for them. If you won the lottery in the dream, then such dream means that you are dreaming about something to get easily and do not put too… Read More


If you dream that you are being surrounded by crowd, then such dream could have several meanings depending on the feelings you had while dreaming this dream. If you felt good while being in crowd, then it means that you are happy with current situation or your life overall, because you fit very well with… Read More


To dream that you are the janitor shows the fact that you feel used by taking care of other people’s damage. You feel like you have to fix everything up even if you didn’t do anything. The dream about janitor could symbolize not only you as the person, but someone you know in your waking… Read More


If you dream that you are being in darkness, it shows some situation you are feeling out of control. Perhaps you are not feeling the controller of the situation and do not know what will happen in the future. The darkness is also a symbol of unknown people or places that came into your life.


If you dream that you are nude, it shows the fairs you have. Perhaps you are afraid that your privacy or secrets will be revealed. If you are nude in front of other people and feeling very bad about it, you have self-trust issues that must be fixed. If you are naked and feel confident… Read More

Off (light)

If you turn off the light, then such dream indicates the end of some phase in your waking life. The light off could also represent the last piece of your patience where you said your last word. Alternatively, the light off could indicate the things you are unable to see.

Married, getting

To dream that you are getting married means that you are looking forward being committed to someone. The dream could also mean that you are suffering from the lack of attention, therefore you think while you have a wedding everyone will notice you. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please see the meaning of marriage,… Read More


To dream of being in the nightclub indicates your happy appearance. You will have much joy and celebrations, however you should be careful, because the celebration is happening during the night. The nightclub is also a place of the sins where people get drunk or have one night stands.