Red and black snake

Red and black snake in a dream symbolizes sexual balance between temptation and celibacy. Also, it means ability to balance power and authority. Alternatively, it shows departed fear for intimacy and elimination of hidden threat. As transformation dream, red snake fighting and killing black one means the beginning of changes. If black kills red one,… Read More


If you dream that your mouth is stopped by a gag, it denotes that you will soon thereafter be kissed by a pretty girl. To a young girl such a dream predicts that she will soon see some gentleman who cakes her fancy, and perhaps will fall in love with him.


To dream that you sleep with a person of the opposite sex, signifies hindrance in your projects; with a person of the same sex, perplexing events. If a man sleep with an ugly woman, it means mischief to himself; with a melancholy-looking woman, dangerous sickness; with a handsome woman, treachery. For a woman to sleep… Read More


If you dream you were chased by a bull and run away from him, it is a sign that someone will offer you a present, or propose to benefit you in some way, and that you will either decline, or from some action of your own will not receive the present or the benefit. If… Read More


To see sheep is a sign of consolation; if you see them sleeping or dead, you will have sorrow. To carry one signifies great luck; to hear them bleat, damage and loss. A sign of good luck, to be surrounded by many sheep. To kill sheep, or to see them killed, great sorrow.


To dream of calling in watchman, gives confidence; to see a person taken to prison by a watchman shows that you must be careful in conducting your business. If the watchman takes hold of you, it is a very good sign. To see many watchmen together, signifies the loss of money.


Should anybody be so foolish as to dream that they are created a Duke, an Earl, or that they have conferred upon them any patent of nobility, it is a sign of shiftlessness and poverty. If a girl dreams that a lord is in love with her, she will be apt to marry a shiftless… Read More


To dream you are abused and insulted, is a certain sign that some dispute will come between you and some person with whom you have business; therefore, after such a dream you should be particularly careful of yourself, and be as gentle and mild as possible, that you may not give those with whom you… Read More