Adultery dream meaning

To dream of the commission of this sin forebodes great troubles and misfortunes, if you are in love, you will certainly fail in marrying the object of your wishes, if you have a law-suit, it will certainly go against you, by the treachery of those who pretended to be your friends, if you are in business, some heavy loss will happen to you. Such a dream announces that you are in great danger of losing your liberty and if you are about to take a voyage by sea, omit it for the present, for you will never reach the destined port. To dream you were tempted to commit this crime, and that you resisted it, is a happy omen, everything will flourish with you, be sure it is a good time to begin trade after such a dream. If you have a law-suit all will go in your favour, with credit to yourself and confusion in your opponents; if you are about to undertake a long journey, it will be pleasant and successful to your object; if you are going to the sea you will have an agreeable voyage, tine weather, and a quick arrival at the port of destination; if you are in love, press the object of your wishes, for they will be gratified.

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