Angels dream meaning

If you dream of angels it represents the dislocation in your soul. Usually angels represents chastity, innocence and purity. Make sure you heard what angels were trying to say to you in your dream, as this could be the main notification and key to your happy life and what you should do to reach that happiness. The other meaning of seeing angels in your dream could be that you are behaving irresponsibly without thinking of important things. If you see yourself as an angel it means that you behave very good with other people and this dream represents how good you feel about that. Seeing angels is always a good sign, it signifies spiritual and religious aspects of you, how deep you believe in God, how pure and innocent you are. If you see an angel holding the scroll it is very religious dream. Everything that is going to happen to you will appear in different colors as you will know how to act in one or another way.

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