Ants dream meaning

To dream of ants, betokens an earthly, covetous mind; and, as they live under the earth, to dream often of them, shows the dreamer not to be long lived. To see ants with wings, shows a dangerous voyage, or other ill accident. To dream you see common ants, which are diligent and industrious in providing their food, is good for farmers, because they signify fertility; for where there is no grain, you will find no ants. To such as live upon the public, and reap profits by many, they are very good; and to such as are sick, if they dream they come near the body; for they are industrious, and cease not to labour, which is proper to such as live; but if they dream that ants range about their bodies, it is a token of death; because they are inhabitants of earth, and are cold and black.

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