Arm dream meaning

To have one cut, announcement of the quick illness of a relative or dear friend, if for a male the right arm is injured and for female if the left one is injured. The two arms cut, imprisonment or sickness. The arm that is broken or emaciated, for a single person indicates sickness, distress, family affliction. For a man broken arm denotes to public distress, such as defeat of colleagues, famine or epidemical illness. For a married woman broken arm indicates separation, divorce, widowhood. Arms dirty that are dirty represents distress. Arms inflated or swollen symbolizes riches for brothers or very affectionate relatives. Arms that are stout and strong signifies happiness, cure, and deliverance. Healthy arms favors will be received. Harder and more robust arms than ordinary person has means joy, profit, and unexpected wealth from a son or brother. If the dreamer is a woman, increase in the fortune and influence of her husband. Arms covered with hair indicates great wealth. Arms covered with sores or ulcers foretells about sorrow, sadness and loss of time and money.

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