BEARS dream meaning

Bears have always been associated with the unpleasant side of the occult. Those, however, that made such short work of Elisha’s tormentors, although undoubtedly psychic (since to appear and cause to disappear with such startling suddenness is only characteristic of the super physical), were to my mind far more opportune than they were unpleasant. Indeed, I might go further and confess that I should not be extremely sorry were such a demonstration of the occult bear, as that recorded in the Scriptures, to take place periodically amongst the ill-mannered and superfluous children of to-day. Many places are said to be haunted by evil spirits in ursine guise. I have myself visited a house in Chelsea where the apparition of a shaggy bear is seen, and it is a well-known fact that the Tower of London was once (and perhaps still is) haunted by the phantasm of a bear. A young man once told me that he dreamed a huge shaggy bear, with an intensely diabolical expression in its little brown eyes, entered his room, and) approaching the foot of his bed, reared itself on its hind legs and peered at him. In a great state of alarm, he got out of bed, and had almost reached the window-sill, when the bear stalked up to him, and, placing its paws on his shoulders, deliberately breathed into his face. He awoke with its hot breath burning into his brain, and from that night, he assured me, he was a changed man; and, one bad act leading to another, he was at length smuggled out of the country to escape jail.A destitute girl I once befriended on the Thames Embankment, and who, in return for the supper I gave her at a neighbouring restaurant, stole the teaspoons, told me she was quite certain she owed her downfall to the sinister influence of a dream.”I was in a shop in Oxford Street at the time,” she said, ” and beyond being rather fond of flirtations and dress, as most girls are, I had never done any serious wrong. One night, however, I dreamed I was at a ball and my partner was a bear. He danced divinely and I fell in love with him. He very politely asked permission to see me home, and, on arriving outside the shop, suddenly kissed me; and, with the moisture of his nasty wet mouth still on my lips, I awoke. Well, try how I would I could not banish that dream from my mind. I saw the bear always, no matter whether I was at work or taking my recreation, my thoughts were always of him; and the result was — I became thoroughly demoralised. I quarrelled with the young man to whom I was engaged, and got engaged to someone else, and within six months terminated that engagement and took on with a third. I had no pity for the men I jilted, but laughed in their faces when they upbraided me, and took a fiendish delight in parading about with my latest lover in the face of the one I had just discarded. I spent money recklessly, and when I got in debt —I stole! The end of it all was I was sent to prison, and when I came out I drifted — anywhere. And I am sure I owe it all, all my folly and subsequent blinding damning misery, to the dream of that bear — that cursed, fascinating, and hellish bear”I think these two illustrations will suffice to show the significance of bear-dreams in general.

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