Beheading dream meaning

Dream of cutting off somebody’s head means security in undertakings, revenge upon enemies. If you behead an armed person who is capable of defense, you will enter into the employment of some influential functionary, to where you will prove of great service. Cut the head off for a chicken will bring joy, unexpected pleasure. Dream of being beheaded, where the dreamer is a prisoner, denotes to liberty, if a sick person beheading the chicken, restoration to health, if in affliction, consolation, if in debt, payment of his indebtedness, if elevated to dignities, continuation in advancement. As a general thing this dream replaces fears and cares into joy, and a merited confidence of people in their subordinates. Dream of being beheaded by an acquaintance, then it signifies attendance in his pleasures, success, or dignities. For a child, if the dreamer is ill, the dream shows that he will be in good health soon. If the head is only half cut off, the effect of the dream will be in proportion. Dream of being beheaded by terrorists, predicts the loss of ideas, or thoughts and the dreamer should also beware of the people he doesn’t know well. If someone is beheaded in accordance with a decision of a court or justice, the consequences will be met sooner or later. You should pay more attention to legal things you are dealing with.

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