BIRDS dream meaning

Bird-dreams are very common. With them alone I might fill a volume. However, as my space is not unlimited, I can only deal briefly with a few of them.To dream of canary birds signifies good fortune in the shape of money— either a legacy, a rise in salary, or a present. Whereas to dream about doves implies good fortune of any other than a pecuniary nature, such, for example, as recovery from illness, success in work or success in love affairs.To dream of a cuckoo means an unexpected find, as, for instance, the picking up of coins or other valuables in the street, or the finding of something that has long been lost.Crows in dreams are harbingers of bad luck, and import losses, pecuniary and otherwise, quarrels and disappointments.Ducks, on the other hand, portend good fortune, presents, and kisses.Fowls imply quarrels; geese new dresses. To dream about eagles implies great success; whereas to dream of vultures portends failure and illness.Magpies, whether single or in numbers; mean death — if in flight, the death of some acquaintance or relative; if motionless, the death of the dreamer.To dream of hawks signifies the making of an enemy; to dream of owls implies the breaking of a friendship, the breaking off of an engagement, serious illness, accident, or death.Parrots in dreams are significant of impending scandal and gossip; pigeons are significant of presents of all kinds.Ravens portend grave misfortunes, and not infrequently the near presence of some phantasm; sparrows signify petty losses and quarrels; swallows portend grief — grief at someone’s illness, misfortunes or death— but grief, invariably grief.Storks in dreams mean an approaching birth; wrens an approaching engagement or marriage.The following are a few of the many accounts of bird-dreams upon which I have based my assumptions: “A lady writing to me from Southsea says: I am sure that canaries in dreams are significant of extreme good fortune. Two years ago, I dreamed a canary dashed against my window-pane, and the very next morning I received a handsome cheque from an uncle, with whom I had held no sort of communication for years. The night before last, I dreamed a couple of canaries flew round my bed singing, and, coming down to breakfast in the morning, I found a letter awaiting me from a solicitor to say that my godfather had died suddenly and had left me a substantial legacy.”A girl whose age I dare not state, lest some at least of my readers should deem her precocious, informs me that she likes to dream of ducks! “They mean so much! ” ”I dreamed of ducks week ago/’ she boldly confided to me, *’ and the following evening my cousin, George — he is not really my cousin, you know — he is a middy, and I secretly adore him — kissed me!I felt certain he was in love, only he was too shy to say anything and — well, I never thought he would have clinched matters so precipitately. But my duck-dreams are always good. When I dreamed of them once before, what do you think I got in the morning? Why, a gold watch from a great-aunt, who had never in her life before made me a present of anything. So, you see, I just mean to dream of ducks as often as I can.”The experience of an elderly married lady, who until recently resided in Upper Norwood, is not so pleasant. “I dread either seeing or dreaming of magpies, she said to me;” they always foretell “a death. I dreamed three magpies crossed my path the day before my father died, and I dreamed one huge magpie flew in at the door and perched on one of the knobs at the foot of my bed, exactly a week before the death of my eldest son.”I, too, have dreamed of magpies, and, as in the case I have just quoted, the dreams have always occurred shortly before a death. The night a very near relative of mine died, I dreamed a large number of magpies flew in at my window; and the day before a dog to which I was very much attached was run over and killed, I dreamed two magpies settled on my shoulder, and that I could not make them go. Also, when I was living in a big, rambling house in Cornwall, I dreamed a raven flew down the chimney and pecked me vigorously three times on the hand. Indeed, the pecks hurt me so much that I awoke. Everything was very quiet and the room pitch dark. I was turning over to try sleeping on my other side, when I suddenly saw a light, and, on looking up, perceived, to my surprise and terror, the luminous face of a diabolical old hag pressed against the window, which was at least thirty feet from the ground. Having slept in the house for several months without seeing anything abnormal, I had hitherto attributed the rumour that it was haunted to the superstition of the peasantry, in the first place, and, in the second place, to their insatiable love of foolish gossip. Now, however, as I gazed at the hideous countenance, and rubbed my eyes to make sure I was not dreaming, I felt that the gossip I had scorned was only too well founded, and I determined that nothing should induce me to sleep in that room again. The apparition was only visible for a very few seconds, and when I stirred it completely vanished. I have not only experienced this precursor of the occult myself, but I know others who have dreamed of ravens shortly before witnessing an occult phenomenon.I dreamed of a wren just before I got engaged to be married; and three of my correspondents always dream they see a wren prior to hearing of a marriage. Larks portend good news of friends and relations, and happy events generally. Linnets portend marriages; thrushes’ minor ailments and troubles.

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