BIRTHS dream meaning

To dream of a birth signifies a death. One afternoon, at a garden-party, I met an old friend, who told me he had just dreamed his sister had had a child, and as he was curious to know whether that event had actually occurred, he was going to write at once. The dream was verified, but in a manner he did not anticipate; for, on arriving at his house he found a telegram awaiting him there to say his sister was dead! And again, at a cricket match one baking hot day in July I was speaking of dreams, when one of the players exclaimed with a shudder: ‘’I fear your interpretation of the birth dream is only too correct. A lady once told my wife that she dreamed she had given birth to a remarkably fine boy, whose eyes, however, were not both of the same colour. Two hours later this lady was run over by a motor and killed’’

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