Boney M symbolism dream meaning

In order to understand secret meaning of Boney M name, the words and the letters have to be rearranged into M one y B. As you see, when you change first letters places with each other you are getting meaning of Money. Then you also see that One is in it B one y M or M one y B. So it secretly symbolize One. Also, B stands for a open book, as you can see in picture of Moses. Also, B in other languages are spelled like V or W and then we are getting this Money V. And reading this from right to left will gives VyenoM, which has a meaning in Lithuanian language and means One, or to the One, for the One, One OM (OM is sacred spiritual sound-mantra of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism). Money in Lithuania language sounds like things that have been in our minds. Also, in Boney M you can see Bone yM which is My bone.

So Boney M means: Money, One, Book, for the One, One OM, Ideas and thoughts of Mind, Bone of My.

So these coincidences in playful game of words shows us that everything is interconnected to the One, which is only G-D.

Torah in hands of Moses

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