Castration dream meaning

If one intends to bank something with someone as a trust or to confide a secret with someone, then if he witnesses a case of castration in a dream, he should immediately halt that intention, or cancel such arrangement. If one sees himself castrated in his dream, it means that he declines to testifying to the truth. If one finds that he became castrated, or if he does so to himself in a dream, it means that he will be inflicted with humiliation and submission to someone’s command. If one meets a castrated person who is unknown to him and who has a dignified look and speaks words of wisdom in the dream, it means that he has met an angle who is conveying glad tidings or bringing a warning from his Lord. If he recognizes the castrated person in his dream, it means that he has met with an acquaintance of his. Seeing oneself castrated in a dream also means increase in one’s devotion and guarding of his chastity. Castration in a dream also means negation of favors, loss of one’s family or children, or it may imply absence of mannerism, choosing to satisfy one’s personal comfort over the interests of others, and it represents evil intent or hypocrisy. (Also see Impotence)

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