CATS dream meaning

To dream of a white cat is lucky; of a black, either extremely lucky or the reverse; of a tabby, neither lucky nor unlucky; of a tortoiseshell, simply disastrous.Of the many cat dreams that have from time to time been related to me, I think the following are the best examples:Mrs. Smith, who resides in the neighbourhood of Haverstock Hill, Hampstead, writes to me thus:“My daughters and I have on several occasions dreamed of white cats, and our dreams have always been the precursors of astonishing pieces of good luck. Daisy, my eldest daughter, dreamed a black cat sprang on her shoulder and refused to stir, the night before she received tidings that her picture was on the line in the Royal Academy. Vera, my second girl, dreamed she was punting on a lake, which was overcrowded with white cats, that swam about with the keenest enjoyment, every now and then boarding her craft and rubbing their noses caressingly against her; and, a day or two later, she received a quite unexpected invitation to accompany a friend on a yachting voyage to the Baltic. And now for my own experience. The night before my husband presented me with a magnificent sealskin coat, when I all but collapsed with astonishment, I dreamed that a big black cat was sitting on a chest of drawers in my room, and that directly it saw me, it leaped into the middle of the room and sank through the floor.”A striking example of the cat-dream that is invariably, with some people, followed by misfortune, occurred to a lady I met in Llandudno. “Shortly before my father lost most of his money in a big bank smash,” she said, “I dreamed I saw a tortoiseshell cat on the mantelshelf. And again a day or two prior to my husband’s loss of half his fortune in the failure of an American mine, I dreamed I was bitten by a tortoiseshell cat. Hence; I consider dreaming of a tortoiseshell cat a very bad augury.”Speaking from my own experience, I have found dreams of black cats unlucky. For instance, the night before I had an accident on the stage, I dreamed a huge black cat persistently followed me out of doors, and that when I tried to drive it away it scratched me. And again, before I received an injury in one of my eyes, I dreamed a black cat flew out of a wood and clawed a hole in my hand. And yet again, before I lost a train which it was of vital importance for me to catch, I dreamed a black cat upset an inkpot all over a suit I had just bought, completely ruining it.

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