If you dream of a corpse, a death, or a funeral, you will hear of a birth, engagement, or marriage; but not necessarily in connection with the person you dream about. Occasionally, however, the dream is literally verified and the person dreamed about dies. I recollect dreaming I went into the dining-room of a house in which I was staying, and saw on the table a coffin. Horrified out of my senses at so ghastly a spectacle, I would have fled at once, had I not been compelled by an irresistible curiosity to go up to the coffin and peer in. My terror then was inconceivable, for the body I saw was that of my host, his face marred with all the horrible disfigurements of advanced decomposition. But the climax of horror was not yet reached, for, as I gazed, the corpse slowly opened its eyes, and, with a hideous flippancy, winked and leered at me. I awoke sweating with fright, and two or three days later my host died in a fit of apoplexy.A friend of mine, before the death of her brother, dreamed she went to the window one still and moonlight night, and, on peeping out, saw her brother standing on the garden path, looking up at her. His eyes were glassy, his cheeks white and fleshless, and he was swathed all over in a winding-sheet. The sight so shocked her that she awoke, and within the week received tidings that her brother was dead. But these are exceptions, and I maintain that as a rule dreams of the dead presage births, engagements, and marriages.

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