DOGS dream meaning

Dog-dreams, as may be supposed, are very general. There are probably few people who have not dreamed them. But as there are many kinds of dogs, and each species in dreamland conveys a separate meaning, I can only signal out a few for interpretation.Briefly, then:Boarhounds in dreams presage riding accidents or accidents at sea; bloodhounds, serious reverses; collies, the breaking of friendships through deceit and treachery; dachshunds, unexpected rencontres with friends; greyhounds; illnesses or deaths; foxhounds, tidings from unexpected quarters; mastiffs, danger from fire; Pomeranians, danger from robbers, burglars, and street ruffians; spaniels, the breaking off of engagements, and disappointments in general; terriers, petty successes or quarrels.Among the many dog dreams that have been narrated to me, the following are, perhaps, the most noteworthy. A lady I met some few years ago dreamed she was walking down Bond Street, when a greyhound suddenly leaped from off the roof of one of the houses and fell in a heap at her feet.She then saw to her horror that it was metamorphosed into her father, and, sure enough, the very next day, she received a telegram to say that her father had died, quite unexpectedly, in the night. She also dreamed, a day or two before the death of her greatest friend that she was travelling by rail with two greyhounds seated opposite her in the same compartment. Another person told me; that, shortly before a fire in her house, she had a curious dream about a mastiff. The creature entered the room in which she was sitting, and suddenly flew at the hearthrug and tore it to pieces.Another lady I once questioned as to her dreams informed me that she had been engaged three times, and that prior to the termination of each engagement she had dreamed of a dachshund.There are grimmer stories in connection with Pomeranians. One man I met told me that he once dreamed he saw his little boy worried to death in the most horrible manner by a Pomeranian dog, and that, on the following evening, his house was broken into by burglars.Another person — if I remember rightly, an Anglo-Indian doctor — once told me that he dreamed he was alone in a very gloomy church, and that a gigantic man in a black surplice suddenly appeared in the pulpit, and, after making the most hideous faces was transformed into a monstrous Pomeranian dog. What happened then the dreamer could not recollect, but he thinks it must have been something very alarming, as he was bathed in perspiration when he literally awoke to the fact that his bed was gently rising beneath him. Unable to determine whether he was still dreaming, he gave himself a sharp pinch and sat up, whereupon something crawled from under him and made a precipitate bolt for the door. Knowing now that he had to deal with something material, the doctor lost no time, but whipping up his revolver, which he always kept under his pillow, and aiming at random, he fired three or four times in rapid succession! Probably the last of these shots took effect, for it was immediately followed by a dull thud on the floor. On the arrival of the rest of the household, with lights, the intruder was seen to be a coolie who had formerly been in the doctor’s employ but had been discharged for theft. He at once confessed that he had hidden there early in the evening, when the doctor was at dinner, with the intention of robbing and murdering his former employer, but, being overcome with exhaustion, he had fallen into a stupor, from which he was just rousing himself when the doctor felt the bed move. Having dreamed of a Pomeranian dog prior to the other occasion upon which the coolies had stolen articles from his bungalow, the doctor came to the conclusion that, as far as he was concerned at all events, dreams about dogs of that species signified robbery, if nothing worse.

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