Dragon dream meaning

Dreaming about dragon represents your strong passions and secret desires. Red dragon symbolizes sexuality and intimacy. Blue dragon stands for intellect and wisdom. Green dragon represents hard working personality. Yellow dragon indicates the relaxation and freedom. Black dragon is an omen of dangers or anger. Brown dragon symbolizes wealth and all kinds of riches. White dragon means spiritual rebirth. Grey dragon shows blank emotions and character (the dreamer has a lot of options and can’t choose). Burning dragon is an indication of the troubles or burning passion for something, in either way, good or bad. To see dragon is flying at you, it signifies that something is coming in your life. See the meaning of dragon’s colour. If dragon is flying away from you, then condition or situation is going away. Example: black dragon is flying away – dangers are going away. To kill a dragon, means overcoming or losing something. If you kill blue dragon, then you need to learn more in order to get knowledge. If dragon is attacking you, then there aren’t any chances to avoid something, what is represented by dragon’s colour. If red dragon attacks you – you may get very intimate offer. If someone is attacked by dragon is attacking with fire, then it is your action’s representation. Burning dragon is spitting fire on person, that you know and have feelings on her/him, so this dream represents your burning passion or burning anger for this person. If you’re touching a dragon, it represents your accommodation with particular condition. To touch grey dragon in the dream, means that you don’t have worries about not being able to choose something. If you see eating dragon, then it shows that condition is going bigger. To see green dragon eats grass in the dream means that you need to work even harder. Alternatively, dragon is a fictional creature and can be induced by external stimuli, like movie or book. On psychological level, dragon is interpreted as a trigger, which shows that you allowing yourself to get carried away by your fantasies. And such dream is a reminder that such behaviour may give you some problems. Maybe you need to exercise more self-control. In the eastern cultures, dragons are seen as spiritual creatures and symbolizing superior fertility, huge wealth and good fortune. As internal stimuli dragon can be interpreted on emotional level. In such way, dreaming about yourself being a dragon and breathing fire, suggests that you are having emotional brake, you are full of various feelings. You’re letting these feelings out in your dream. Alternatively, fire refers to your anger induced by solving troubles or finding solutions or being in a particular relationship. This dream shows also that you are getting your own way out from this situation.

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