Driver’s License dream meaning

To see your driver’s license in your dream represents your authority and rightfulness. If you lose your driver’s license, it symbolizes your inability to cope with changed status of yours. Possibly you have lost the sovereignty to move forward towards finishing your goals. If you find your driver’s license, it means that you become stronger by overcoming obstacles. Additionally, it shows that fortunate changes in your influence to others. Also finding of lost driver’s license shows increased self-confidence. You will have more weight in any given situation, related to work or relationship. You are the one with the lawful right to move everyone forward. Alternatively, driving permit means that you are facing catastrophe in your individuality. To lose your driver’s license in dream indicates that you have lost your true self. Maybe you became vulnerable to opinion of others. As internal stimuli, the dream about driver’s permit shows your true fear of losing driver’s license. As external stimuli, dreaming about driver’s license represents how important this permission is for you. On spiritual plane, the dream about license to drive is like the authorisation to seek superior spiritual enlightenment. You are in right path if you have this license, but if you lost it – you in trouble. It means that you don’t have enough reasons for being more spiritual. Psychologically and emotionally, the license to drive is associated with right qualification and controlled feelings. It means that you are able to provide yourself with right decisions without hurry or uncontrolled thoughts. If you lost in the dream, then it represents your fear of losing your control and ability to make decisions. Also, it can represent your current situation, in which you’re feeling disabled. To find, means to solve problems or to bring your qualities back. Driving drunk, on drugs or without license means that you are wandering throughout your life without plan, without goal, without identity. You are trying to find these aspects by yourself, without any help. Also, it means that your actions is not controlled or is not permitted by someone who should be in charge. Are you in relationship? Maybe you are the one who acts without consultation with partner. Additionally, driving without permit means that you are the person, who thinks that he is always the right one. Thus, you don’t go into anything where you can be controlled. Dreaming without license doesn’t show that you are bad, you are just different. But if you get caught by police in the dream, it shows that sometimes you have feeling of being devious. Also, to be caught without permit shows your fear of being isolated from everything what you are doing. Are you afraid to lose what you have now? As superstition, dream about driving without permit and/or being caught by police, foretells dangers in professional activities, alerts against unlawful doings of adversaries, or shows current/future trouble in relationship.

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