Ear dream meaning

Dream of having the ear being wounded or cut, danger on the part of someone abusing your secrets which you confided to him. To have the ears closed up, unsureness, headstrongness, domestic disputes, if the dreamer is in a high social position. For all ordinary individuals, this dream signifies change in sentiment, doubts, and frauds in regards of those who are placing something on his ears. To clean the ears or to have more than two, means that friends are faithful. To have ears filled with grain or wheat, heritage from a distant relative. To have ears handsomer or larger than usual, success and brilliant fortune from very close friend. To have ears of asses, servitude for the person who is wearing them. To have the ears of a lion or other ferocious beast, means victory on the part of enemies or those who envious you and whom you believed to be your friends.

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