Eyes dream meaning

If you dream about the eyes, then such dream indicates wisdom, knowledge, insight and realization. Eyes are also the symbol of the awareness, how we see things and people and how we are being seen. In most of the dreams, eyes show the way we understand and interpreter the world we are in. The symbolism of eyes could have many different explanations, depending on the circumstances of the dream. The dream, in which you are blind, denotes to things you avoid facing and seeing. If you dream of talking to someone and feel that there is a lack of eye contact, then such dream shows the fear to be ashamed about something. If your eyes are closed, then it shows the tendency of yours to pretend that nothing is happening around you. When you have hair in the eye, then such dream indicates something that annoys you and doesn’t let perform fully. When you dream of being surrounded by many eyes, then it shows your fear of being seen or noticed. Perhaps you think that others getting in your private life in order to realize and know intimate details. If your eyes have turned inside your head and you were able to see your own head and brains, then such dream symbolizes the insight you have gained. You have the ability to see deeper into yourself including your feelings and emotions. This kind of dream also suggests believing yourself and trusting the instincts that you have about some situation. If you have got only one eye, then such dream indicates the how you do not see more than one point of view. If you have got a third eye in a dream, then such dream indicates the wisdom you have achieved. The dream suggests to trust your intuition when making important decisions. The third eye could also suggest you to look deeper into yourself. If the eyes are injured, then such dream represents the things you are trying to avoid. When you see your eyes being crossed, then such dream foretells about inability to see straight at some situation.

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