Feet dream meaning

To feel as if someone were tickling the bottom of your feet, could indicate some flatterers or on the opposite the parasites. See them bathed with healing herbs or essential perfumes symbolizes honors and joys from those you are surrounded by. Bathe them yourself in the same way, means fatigue, vexations, unpleasant affections, consumption. Wash in a basin or other vase your feet means gluttony. To kiss the foot of someone, repentance, humiliation, change in behavior. Have the feet damaged, trouble and disappointments. Have light feet, or make some of the dancing: joy, friendship and overall happiness. Feet that burns is the most disastrous omen that we can imagine, because it signifies some serious sickness. Have sore feet, solace beneath trouble and/or success in business. Have dirty and infected feet is interpreted as tribulation, shameful affairs. Have feet bitten by a dangerous and/or poisonous snake or other reptile, jealousy of mistress or lover.

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