FLOWERS dream meaning

Since each flower, fruit, tree and vegetable in dreams has a specific meaning, and to deal exhaustively with each would fill volumes, I am again beset with the difficulty of limited space.Speaking then as briefly as possible, in my experience to dream of:Buttercups portends presents and kisses; carnations, weddings; convolvulus, an enemy, intrigues; cornflowers, success in courtship and work; cow-slips, petty troubles; daisies, births; daffodils, inconstancy of lovers; dandelions, illness and minor worries; ferns, a journey; foxgloves, presents; honeysuckle, deceit on the part of a friend; ivy, weddings, friendly actions; lilies, engagements, also death; mignonette, sorrow at loss of a friend; pansies, success in any branch of art; pinks, success in business; poppies, breaking off an engagement, work or business, losses; prim- roses, new friendships; roses (white), success in courtship and the arts; roses (yellow), danger from intrigue and jealousy; roses (pink), engagements, journeys of pleasure, presents; roses (red), weddings and legacies, falling in love; sunflowers, accidents (chiefly on land); sweet peas, reunion of parted friends and lovers, kisses; tulips, deaths, journeys to foreign parts; wallflowers, visits from old friends and to old places.To dream of forget-me-nots portends visits and presents from old friends, new clothes, success in work; heliotrope, falling in love, visits to places of amusements, meetings with those likely to influence one in after-life; violets, reciprocation of one’s affections, presents from lovers.If a girl dreams she is given a bunch of violets by her sweetheart, it is a sure thing he is sincere in his protestations of love.

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