FLYING dream meaning

The flying-dream is, I believe, more common to people with the psychic faculty and artistic temperament than to others. I have sounded many artists and writers on the subject, and they tell me that they often dream they are flying, but seldom, if ever, with wings. I know the sensation well, for I frequently experience it in dreamland. Maybe, as I am walking along a road, I suddenly feel I can fly. I give a jump, and the next moment am moving through the air, a yard or so from the ground, with both feet close together. It is a most enjoyable sensation, and I am so entranced that I keep saying to myself: “It is real this time. I am not dreaming. I can fly at last.” I sometimes fancy I am in a room full of people, who naturally express the greatest incredulity when I tell them I can fly. To substantiate my statement, I then climb on to the table or chair, spring off, and, with both feet together, rise to the ceiling, much to my own gratification and the edification of my audience.Bitter, indeed, is my chagrin when I awake and discover that I am as far off flying as ever. Again, many is the time I have dreamed I have been in a huge, empty house, pursued by some grotesque monstrosity that, after chasing me up endless staircases and along the most blood-curdling corridors, has at length cornered me in a gloomy top attic. All seems hopeless, and I am expecting to be caught every second, when, just as the dreadful creature bounds into the room, I leap on to the window-sill and, with a prodigious bound, spring into space. And then, joy of joys, instead of falling, I find I can fly — fly far away into the distant, boundless heavens where there is nothing to stop me.I have carefully counted the number of flying-dreams I have had in twelve months, from January 1,1910, to January 1, 1911, and find they amount to eighteen — truly, a fair percentage! And what happens after them? Generally a surprise visit, or unexpected journey or letter, or unusually heavy correspondence — nothing more serious. But as dreams go, I know of few that are more fascinating.

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